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Ernest Farrés 

Foto © Georgina Miret
* 1967, Barcelona, Espanha
vive em: Barcelona, Espanha

Ernest Farrés is a journalist and writer. He works for the cultural supplement of La Vanguardia newspaper. He is the author of six volumes of poetry in Catalan: Clavar-ne una al mall i l’altra a l’enclusa (1996), Mosquits (1998), Edward Hopper (2006), Els efectes imprevisibles dels camps magnètics (2011), Blitzkrieg (2011) and Los Angeles (2015). Edward Hopper constitutes a sequence of poems based on the pictorial work of this renowned artist, which has garnered various awards, including the Robert Fagles Prize for the best translation of contemporary poetry into English (to the translator Lawrence Venuti, 2008). He has edited a reference anthology for young Catalan poets: 21 poetes del xxi (21 Poets of the 21st Century, 2001).

 Foto © Georgina Miret
In the words of the poet and critic Àlex Susanna, “Farrés is the type of author who is quite atypical, who has made himself unhurriedly but with an admirable stubbornness, steering entirely clear both of stardom and the prevailing gregarious spirit. […] The tone of his poems is as prosaic as that of a novel, because it shies away from lyrical incandescence and endeavours to adapt to the prose of life. His gain will have consisted precisely of being able to produce a high level of output on working days – and its sporadic counterpoints – that shape and misshape the life of ordinary people, whether painted or written.”

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  • 1996 Premi Octavio Paz de Poesia

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