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Dirk van Bastelaere 

* 23.10.1960, Sint-Niklaas, Bélgica
vive em: Sint-Niklaas, Bélgica

Dirk van Bastelaere debuted with the collection of verses, Vijf jaar (Five Years, 1984), for which he was awarded the prize for the best debut. The poems are on the theme of the fragmentation of the ego faced with the chaos of the outside world. In 1988, Pornschlegel en andere gedichten (Pornschlegel and other poems) was published, one of the most controversial collections of the past twenty years. Partly thanks to this volume, van Bastelaere is seen as the major representative of postmodernism in Flemish poetry.

Van Bastelaere has an extraordinary eye for form, structure and language and is strongly influenced by American poets such as Gertrude Stein and John Ashbery. His work is striking in its polysemic, complex character, full of references to paintings, pop songs, films and literature. For the same reason, his opponents label his work as hermetic and intellectualistic. Nonetheless, his writing has a large number of followers among young Flemish poets. 2000 saw the publication of Hartswedervaren (Affairs of the Heart), generally acknowledged as his best and richest work to date. This collection, which won the Flemish Culture Prize, is devoted to the theme of the heart in all its guises. In addition to poetry, Van Bastelaere also writes essays, continuing in the vein of the post-structuralist thinking of Jacques Lacan, Roland Barthes and Julia Kristeva. The polemic character of his essays makes him one of the most socially committed poets in Flanders. In 2005 appears The last to leave, a monographic collection in English translation.

  • Vijf jaar.

    (Fünf Jahre).


  • Pornschlegel en andere gedichten.

    (Pornschlegel und andere Gedichte).

    Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1988

  • Diep in Amerika.

    (Tief in Amerika).

    Amsterdam: Atlas, 1994

  • Hartswedervaren.


    Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 2000

  • Wwwhhooosshhh.


    Nijmegen: Van Tilt, 2001

  • Zapruder Stress.

    Amsterdam: Atlas, 2006

  • 1985 Preis für das beste literarische Debut in Flandern

  • 1988 Hugues-C.- Pernath-Preis für Poesie

  • 2000 Literaturpreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

  • 2001 Flämischer Kulturpreis für Dichtung

  • 2007 Jan Campert Prize