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Carles Duarte 

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* 16.09.1959, Spain, Espanha
vive em: , Espanha

Carles Duarte is a poet and linguist. Carles Duarte’s books have been translated into various languages and have been awarded some of the most significant Catalan literary prizes.

As a linguist, Duarte has published studies on linguistic history. Presently he directs the Lluís Carulla Foundation, a private cultural institution that is very active in the cultural and educational field.

He was awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Republic.

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He has published, among many others, the volumes of poetry Tríptic hebreu (Hebrew Triptych, La Magrana, 2002), El centre del temps (The Centre of Time, Edicions 62, 2003) and Els immortals (The Immortals, 3i4, 2006), which shares tenderness, dreams and oblivion as central themes.

His poetry frequently engages in dialogue with other arts by means of his collaboration with painters, sculptors and photographers such as Antonio Hervás and Manlio Masu, Guido Dettoni, Manuel Cusachs, Kim Castells, and singers such as Dounia Hédreville and Josep Tero. Recently, he published S’acosta el mar (3 i 4, 2010).

With regard to his poetry, Marie-Claire Zimmermann writes: “The Duartian poetic ‘I’ is thought of as a unit: a body of flesh indeed which celebrates all forms of physical pleasure – sensorial, sensual and sexual – but which experiences all its sensations through the imagination, through the conscience, without ever forgetting that its place is the universe that precedes it and survives it”.

  • Vida endins

    [‘Life Inside’]

    Palma: Moll, 1984

  • Paisatges efímers

    [‘Ephemerals Landscapes’]

    Barcelona: Columna, 1989

  • La pluja del temps

    [‘The Rain of Time’].

    Barcelona: Columna, 1990

  • La pell del somni

    [‘The Skin of Dream’]

    Barcelona: Columna, 1991

  • Llavis de terra

    [‘Lips of Dust’]

    Barcelona: Columna, 1993

  • Terra


    Barcelona: Columna, 1994

  • Cohèlet


    Barcelona: Columna, 1996

  • Ben Sira

    Barcelona: Columna, 1996

  • Qumran

    Barcelona: Columna, 1997

  • D'una terra blava

    [‘From One Blue Land’]

    Palma: Moll, 1997

  • Khepri

    Barcelona: Columna, 1998

  • Ha-Cohen

    Barcelona: Seuba, 1999

  • El somni


    Barcelona: La Magrana, 2000

  • El silenci


    Barcelona: La Magrana, 2001

  • La llum


    Perspectiva Editorial Cultural, 2001

  • Tríptic hebreu

    [‘Hebrew Triptych’]

    Barcelona: La Magrana, 2002

  • Primavera d'hivern

    [‘Spring of Winter’]

    Barcelona: March editor, 2002

  • El centre del temps

    [‘The Centre of Time’]

    Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2003

  • Els immortals

    [‘The Immortals’]

    València: Tres i Quatre, 2006

  • Miratges


    Lleida: Pagès editors, 2006

  • Maríntim

    Barcelona: Meteora, 2008

  • Arwad

    Sitges: Papers de Terramar, 2009

  • S’acosta el mar

    València: Tres i Quatre, 2010

  • A quatre mans

    Juneda: Fonoll, 2011

  • Una magrana d'astres

    Girona: Cubert, 2011

  • Alba del vespre

    València: 3i4, 2013

  • La mà del temps

    Tarragona: Arola Editors, 2013

  • 2004 Premi de la Crítica Serra d'Or de Poesia

  • 2007 Creu de Sant Jordi

  • 2014 Premi de la Crítica Catalana de Poesia

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