Antoni Clapés 




Antoni Clapés 

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* 01.07.1948, Sabadell, Espanha
vive em: , Espanha

Antoni Clapés was born in Sabadell in July 1948.

He has been writing poetry and texts related with poetry since 1964.

To date he has published some twenty books and numerous texts in art editions, prologues, chapbooks and anthologies.

While he has translated poetry from French and Italian, his poetry has been translated and published in Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, German and Arabic.

His work represents a meditation on being and becoming (writing and language) and apart from poetry he has reflected on these concepts in different texts but especially in the two volumes of Converses amb Carles Hac Mor and in the exhibitions “La casa de l’ésser?” at the Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies (Vic, 1999) and “D’estar a estar” at the Container space of the IGAC (Girona, 2008).

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He has given readings of his work in many places in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries and at universities and festivals in the USA, Mexico, Germany, Quebec, Lebanon, France, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, England, Belgium, Wales and Canada.

He has collaborated with Avui, La Vanguardia, The Barcelona Review, Reduccions, Transversal and Caràcters.

In 1989 he created Cafè Central, an independent editorial project in the service of poetry, which he continues to direct today.

  • Escrit en fulles de te

    Sabadell: Les edicions dels dies, 1986

  • Crepuscle de mots

    Barcelona: Columna, 1989

  • Epigrafies/Epigramies

    Barcelona: Cafè Central, 1990

  • El radical sentit

    Barcelona: Cafè Central, 1990

  • Trànsit

    València: Edicions Alfons el Magnànim, 1992

  • A frec

    Barcelona: Cafè Central, 1994

  • Matèria d’ombres

    Barcelona-Vic: Jardins de Samarcanda, 1995

  • Tagrera

    Barcelona: Cafè Central, 1997

  • Carnet

    Vic: Emboscall, 1999

  • in nuce

    Barcelona: Proa, 2000

  • Llavors abandonaries Greifswald

    Vic: Emboscall, 2001

  • El viatger no sap

    Vic: Emboscall, 2003

  • Destret

    Vic: Emboscall, 2003

  • Alta Provença

    Lleida: Pagès editors, 2005

  • Converses amb Carles Hac Mor

    Vic: Emboscall, 2006

  • Des de la terra

    Barcelona: Diputació de Barcelona, 2006

  • Miro de veure-hi

    Vic: Emboscall, 2007

  • Poètiques de la contemporaneïtat

    Fundació Suñol, 2008

  • La llum i el no-res

    Meteora, 2009

  • Un sol punt

    Vic: Emboscall, 2009

  • La lentitud, la durada

    Lleida: Pagès editors, 2010

  • L’arquitectura de la llum

    Girona: Els llibres del segle, 2012

  • 2010 Premi Cavall Verd - Josep M Llompart

  • 2010 Premi Cadaqués - Quima Jaume