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Petrolier i Teatre catalão

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Formalitats catalão

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Relativitat catalão

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Desbordament catalão

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Plantilles catalão

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Entomologia i cinema catalão

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Anna Aguilar-Amat 

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* 31.01.1962, Barcelona, Espanha
vive em: Barcelona, Espanha

Anna Aguilar-Amatwas born in Barcelona in 1962. She has a PhD from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she now teaches at the Translation Faculty She published several specialised texts in that field and other subjects as minorized languages, knowledge engineering, divergent thinking, etc.

She came to the foreground of Catalan poetry when she was awarded three of the most prestigious literary prizes for her books Trànsit entre dos vols (Transit between two flights, 2001), Música i escorbut (Music and Scurvy 2002), and Petrolier, (Oil Tanker, 2003). She has also published the book of poems Coses Petites (Little things), and a book of essays El plaer de la lectura (The pleasure of reading, 2004).Her fourth poetry book is Jocs de l’oca (The Goose Games, 2006). 

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Her poetic work is present in several anthologies of Catalan poets and she has been translated into Spanish, English, French, Italian, Sardinian, Macedonian, Finnish, Arabian, Turkish, Greek, German and Slovenian. She was included in the Anthology New European Poets by Wayne Miller & Kevin Prufer, Minnesota 2008.

Since 2003 she became president of QUARKpoesia, a non-profit group affiliated to the Translation Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the cultural organization 'Cultura en Viu', whose main purpose is the promotion of lesser-known poets and writers in less translated languages, as well as the exchange of ideas and poetic works. In 2006 she founded the poetry publishers Refraccions (Refractions) with the aim of publishing bilingual or trilingual poetry books.

  • Coses Petites

    with Francesc Parcerisas, designs by Miquel Plana

  • Trànsit entre dos vols

    Barcelona: Proa, 2001

  • Música i escorbut

    Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2002

  • Petrolier

    València: Denes, 2003

  • El plaer de la lectura


    Barcelona: Síntesis, 2004

  • Jocs de l’oca

    Barcelona: UAB, 2006

  • Europe is a woman

    On european woman poetry

    Barcelona: UAB - Refraccions, 2007

  • Quantiques

    young women voices at the Catalan scene

    Barcelona: UAB - Refraccions, 2008

  • Càrrega de color

    Barcelona: Meteora, 2011

  • Coses Petites [Little things]

    with Francesc Parcerisas, translated by Elizabeth Hildreth

    Chicago: Flamenco Arts Center, 2012

  • Almas

    Barcelona: In-Verso, 2016

  • 2001 Carles Riba award

  • 2002 Jocs Florals of the city of Barcelona

  • 2003 Màrius Torres award