XI Chuan





每回思欲飞翔  都感身体沉重
每回奋力起飞  顶多腾空五尺

然后坠地  露出本相

有回我高飞到九尺  瞬间心生苍茫
落地摔疼屁股  屁股大骂心脏

偶夜梦里悬空  由树梢跃升楼顶
由楼顶登脚而起  见半月在我左手

我浴三光即永光  我入黑暗遇无人

怀落寞而归床  上厕所而冲水

次日回味  一声不响
走路  被一男孩叫“爷爷”

问孙子“你叫啥” 回说“我叫飞翔”

© XI Chuan
Production audio: Haus für Poesie, 2019

Trying to Talk about Flying without Using Clichés

every time I think of flying  my body feels heavy

every time I try a takeoff  I soar five feet, no higher

then fall to the ground  revealing my true self

one time I reached nine feet  boundlessness filling my heart

but bruising my ass when I crashed down  and my ass cursed my heart

one night I dreamt of floating  from treetop to rooftop

and from rooftop ascending upward  half moon at my left hand

bathing in the eternal shine of the stars  entering darkness meeting no one

and then back to bed in solitude  I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet

thinking back the next day  without even the echo of a sound

walking down the street  a boy called me Grandpa

and I asked What’s your name, 孙子,  he said My name is Flight

                        Nov. 11, 2014