Mona Zahra Attamimi 

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from: indonésien to: anglais



Surat Lorena

indonésien | Dorothea Rosa Herliany

masih kausimpankah pisau itu?
jangan kaubasuh darahnya. masih kudengar erangan manis itu.
kucatat dalam berhalaman buku cinta. kita baca malammalam,
ketika darah mendidih dan memancur bersama nafas
yang memburu.

kaunikmati ketakberdayaan.
seperti ikan yang kau pelihara dalam rahimmu.
menggelepar dalam lumatanlumatan nafsu
dan rintihan halus dan gaib dari mulut terbukamu.

masih kausimpankah pisau itu?
sebelum kaucapai puncak cinta, ribuan wanita
akan menghunus dan menikamkannya: entah pada
daratan tubuh dan gumpalan daging yang mana.


© Dorothea Rosa Herliany

The Lorena Letters


have you still kept that knife?
don’t rinse off the blood. i still can hear that sweet groan.
you wrote in the pages of the book of love. late at nights, we’d read
the instant our raging blood boiled and gushed together
with hurried, impatient breath.

you take pleasure in being defenceless.
just like the fish that you’ve kept inside your womb -
flailing about within the pulverising strength of desire
and, the mysterious and delicate moans of your opened mouth.

have you still kept that knife?
before you arrive at the height of love, thousands of women
will unsheathe and stab you with it - wherever at the pit
of your body and on any congealed meat.

Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi

Nikah Pisau

indonésien | Dorothea Rosa Herliany

aku sampai entah di mana. berputar-putar
dalam labirin. perjalanan terpanjang
tanpa peta. dan inilah warna gelap paling
sempurna. kuraba gang di antara sungai
dan jurang.

ada jerit, serupa nyanyi. mungkin dari
mulutku sendiri. kudengar erangan, serupa
senandung. mungkin dari mulutku sendiri.

tapi inilah daratan dengan keasingan paling
sempurna: tubuhmu yang bertaburan ulatulat
kuabaikan. sampai kurampungkan kenikmatan
sanggama. sebelum merampungkanmu juga: menikam
jantung dan merobek zakarmu, dalam segala


© Dorothea Rosa Herliany

The Blades of Marriage


who knows where i am. whirling
inside a labyrinth. it is the longest journey
without a map. and this darkness is utterly
perfect. i grope my way through an alley flanked by a river
and a ravine.

there’s a scream, it sounds like a song. it may have
come from my mouth. i hear a moan, it sounds like
a hum. it may have come from my mouth.

but this land of alienation is utterly
perfect: your body that is scattered with worms,
i shall ignore - until i have completed this blissful
coitus and also, before i have completed stabbing
you in the heart, ripping out your cock and grating
you with every kind of pain.

Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi

Elegi Sinta

indonésien | Dorothea Rosa Herliany

aku sinta yang urung membakar diri.
demi darah suci
bagi lelaki paling pengecut bernama rama.
lalu aku basuh tubuhku, dengan darah hitam.
agar hangat gelora cintaku.
tumbuh di padang pendakian yang paling hina.

kuburu rahwana,
dan kuminta ia menyetubuhi nafasku
menuju kehampaan langit.
kubiarkan terbang, agar tangan yang
takut dan kalah itu tak mampu menggapaiku.

siapa bilang cintaku putih? mungkin abu,
atau bahkan segelap hidupku.
tapi dengarlah ringkikku yang indah.
menggosongkan segala yang keramat dan abadi.

kuraih hidupku, tidak dalam api
–rumah bagi para pendosa.
tapi dalam kesunyian yang sia-sia dan papa.
agar sejarahku terpisah dari para penakut
dan pendusta. rama…

Prambanan, 2002

© Dorothea Rosa Herliany

Sinta’s Elegy


i, sinta, have retreated from incinerating
myself. for the sake of holy blood
for the most cowardly man known as rama.
then i washed my body, with black blood,
warming my wild love,
and sprouting it, even in fields growing with depravity.

i chased after rahwana,
and i begged him to copulate with my breath
as it points upward to the empty sky.
i let it fly, so the hands of the cravenly,
the defeated would be incapable of reaching me.

who said my love is white? perhaps, it is dust,
or as dark as my life.
but listen to my bewitching cries,
scorching all that is sanctified and eternal.

i seized my life, not within flames
- the house of sinners,
but within the calm of the wasted and the penniless,
separating my history from the craven
and the liars. rama...

Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi

Sebuah Radio Kumatikan

indonésien | Dorothea Rosa Herliany

seperti inilah, aku letakkan ranjang dalam dadamu.
kujadikan ronggarongga sempit itu kamarcintaku.
suatu hari nanti, akan berjejal lagulagu dan tangisan.
rintihan kecil dan jeritan tibatiba. dan kaukirim aku
ke tanahasing: dengan dentum dan suaraangin dari

seperti inilah, aku letakkan tempatsampah dalam
otakmu. kujadikan gumpalan zat itu suduttakberguna.
suatu hari nanti, akan berjejal entahapa. telah sesak
ruang sempit itu oleh rencanarencana dan bencana.

tadi, kita telah berkhianat dengan cinta. kauledakkan
aku dengan zakarmu. kuletakkan ulatulat di sana. sampai
saatnya nanti, siap memangkas daunhatimu.

seperti inilah kita: merenda kemungkinankemungkinan.
suatu hari nanti—dalam otakmu, dalam dadamu, dalam
perutmu—kutanam bangkaibangkaiulat. suatu hari nanti,
akan kaupanen kupukupu.


© Dorothea Rosa Herliany

The Radio I Switched Off


it’s like this, i’ve laid a cast-iron bed within your chest.
i’ve created narrow cracks, they are my love-chamber.
one day, it’ll be crammed with songs and tears.
a soft moan, a startling scream. and you’ll send me
away to a foreign land - with a bang and the sound
of the wind on your breath.

it’s like this, i’ve laid a garbage-can within your brain.
i’ve created clumps of matter, they are the wasted corner.
one day, it’ll be crammed in with what’s left over. by now that
narrow space is suffocating with stories and calamities.

moments ago, we were deceived by love. you blasted me
with your cock. i’ve laid the worms there. when the time
comes, be ready for them to prune the leaves of your heart.

this is how we were: a future laced with hopes and promises.
one day – within your brain, within your chest, within
your abdomen – i’ll plant the carcasses of worms. one day,
you will harvest the butterflies.

Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi

Buku Harian Perkawinan

indonésien | Dorothea Rosa Herliany

ketika menikahimu, tak kusebut keinginan setia.
engkau bahkan telah menjadi budak penurutku.
dunia yang kumiliki kubangun di atas bukit batu
dan padang ilalang. kau bajak jadi ladang subur
yang mesti kupanen dalam setiap dengus nafsuku.
kupelihara ribuan hewan liar, kujadikan prajurit
yang akan menjaga dan memburumu.
dan kutanam bambu untuk gagang tombak dan sembilu.

berlarilah sejauh langkah kejantananmu, lelaki!
bersembunyilah di antara ketiak ibumu,
membaca gerak tubuh dan persemaian segala
tumbuhan bijak: ajarilah aku membangun rumah dan
dindingtakberpintu. memenjara penyerahanku
yang kaubaca dengan bahasamu.

tapi aku menikahimu tidak untuk setia.
kubiarkan diriku bertarung di setiap medan peperangan.
aku panglima untuk sepasukan hewanhewan liarku
--yang selalu bergairah memandangmu
di atas meja makan.

sekarang biarlah kudekap engkau,
sebelum kulunaskan puncak laparku!


© Dorothea Rosa Herliany

The Marriage Diary


when i married you, i silenced my need for your fidelity.
you then changed and became my obedient slave.
this world that i own i built on a hill of stones
and a field of blady grass. you ploughed it, turning the land fertile
and i harvested while hauling around my sniffling lust.
i have a thousand wild beasts, i’ll use them as soldiers
that will stalk and imprison you.
and, the bamboos i had planted will be made into spears and blades.

run as far as your cocky, macho strides can take you, man!
hide in your mother’s armpits,
read the body language and the growth
of saplings in the greenhouse: tell me how to erect a dwelling
and build walls without doors - the prison of my offerings
that you had read in your own tongue.

i married you but not for your fidelity.
i’ve tolerated the wars waged with myself at each battlefield.
i am the commander of a troop of the wildest beasts
-who are always lusting after you, as they ogle
you at the dining table.

for now let me hold you,
before i heed and end my dire hunger.

Translated by Mona Zahra Attamimi