Tsead Bruinja 




Tsead Bruinja 

Foto © Ronald Hoeben
* 17.07.1974, Rinsumageest, Pays-Bas
Réside à: , Pays-Bas

Tsead Bruinja (1974, Rinsumageest / The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

He writes poetry, reviews of poetry and has organized several literary events such as the open-air poetry festival Dichters in de Prinsentuin (Poets in the Prince's garden). He writes in Dutch and Frisian and has published his work in a number of literary magazines. For a period of two years he was a member of the editorial board of the Frisian magazine Hjir.

 Foto © Ronald Hoeben
His Frisian debut De wizers yn it read / The meters in the red (Bornmeer) was published in 2000. In 2001 his second collection of Frisian poetry De man dy't rinne moat / The man who has to walk appeared in print, followed in 2003 by the collection Gegrommel fan satyn / Mutterings in satin. Dutch poems were published a number of anthologies, one of them is Vanuit de lucht / Out of the air (Passage, 2001), an anthology of work by the youngest generation of poets writing in Dutch.

Together with the editor of this anthology, Daniël Dee, Bruinja has compiled two anthologies on the male and female genitalia, entitled Kutgedichten (Passage, 2004) en Klotengedichten (Passage, 2005). The titles of his collections of Dutch poetry are Dat het zo hoorde/The way it should be (Contact, 2003) and Batterij/Battery (Contact, 2004).

October 2004 witnessed the presentation of a bilingual miscellany that he compiled in conjunction with Hein Jaap Hilarides: Droom in blauwe regenjas / Dream yn blauwe reinjas - Nieuwe Friese dichters / Nije Fryske dichters - Dream in a Blue Raincoat / New Frisian Poets. A special website with Frisian poetry in English translation as well as information on Frisian literature and short movieclips featuring these Frisian poets can be enjoyed at: www.droominblauweregenjas.info.

More English information and some translations of Bruinja's Frisian poetry can be read at Poetry International Web. Tsead Bruinja has read his work to audiences in The Blue Room (UK; Newcastle), De Brauhauskeller (Germany; Bremen), Forum des Langues du monde (France; Toulouse) and De Wintertuin (The Netherlands; Arnhem/Nijmegen). He also performs his poetry with musical accompaniment by hip-hop or flamenco musicians.

  • Vreemdgaan


  • Startschot

    samen met Daniël Dee, Petra Else Jekel en Ramona Maramis


  • De wizers yn it read

    (Frisian poetry)

    Leeuwarden: Bornmeer, 2000

  • De man dy’t rinne moat

    (Frisian poetry)

    Leeuwarden: Bornmeer, 2001

  • Gegrommel fan satyn

    (Frisian poetry)

    Leeuwarden: Bornmeer, 2003

  • Dat het zo hoorde

    (Dutch poetry)

    Amsterdam: Contact, 2003

  • Droom in blauwe regenjas / Dream yn blauwe reinjas

    samen met Hein Jaap Hilarides

    Contact & Bornmeer, 2004

  • Kutgedichten

    samen met Daniel Dee

    Passage, 2004

  • Batterij

    (Dutch poetry)

    Amsterdam: Contact, 2004

  • Gers dat alfêst laket

    [Gras dat alvast lacht]

    Bornmeer, 2005

  • Klotengedichten

    samen met Daniel Dee

    Passage, 2005

  • Bang voor de bal

    Amsterdam: Cossee, 2007

  • Angel

    Leeuwarden: Bornmeer, 2008

  • De geboorte van het zwarte paard

    tweetalige dichtbundel (Nederlands/Fries)

    Amsterdam: Cossee, 2008

  • Overwoekerd

    Amsterdam: Cossee, 2010

  • Binnenwereld buitenwijk natuurlijke omstandigheden

    Amsterdam: Cossee, 2015

  • Spezialist auf dem Gebiet von Fensterrahmen


    Düsseldorf: Edition Virgines, 2016

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