Lauri Otonkoski 




Juhlapuhe kaikelle eli oodi hiekanjyville finnois

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Tutor finnois

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[Se ainoa varmuus] finnois

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[Ota haltuusi tämä paikka] finnois

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Lauri Otonkoski 

Foto © Irmeli Jung
* 03.02.1959, Helsinki, Finlande
Réside à: , Finlande

Lauri Otonkoski (born 1959) has worked on many fields of culture. He is a poet, musician, essayist and music critic. He’s also the chairman of the Finnish PEN.

He has published eight collections of poems, a children’s book and essays. In his poems the world flows through senses and consciousness. The singular observation gets seasoned by irony. Otonkoski’s form of expression is conversational: although his poems often begin with a single thought or idea, they nonetheless quickly merge into a swell of images and reflections. He plays with language and word associations.

 Foto © Irmeli Jung
Otonkoski writes many different kinds of poems: resounding verses swim in fluid harmony with short, almost aphoristic stanzas, pounding inventories and poems which verge on a somewhat essayistic style. The way in which he employs various literary and cultural points of reference is particularly notable: these references appear throughout the texts and do not scorn at any holes in the reader’s cultural awareness.

  • Mutta kukaan ei tiedä


  • Harmaan koiran rondo


  • Paossa


  • Musta oli valkoinen

    Helsinki: WSOY, 1995

  • Ahava


  • Olo

    Helsinki: WSOY, 2002

  • Cameo

    sinfoninen runo

    Helsinki: WSOY, 2005

  • Harmi!

    Helsinki: WSOY, 2009

  • Origami

    Helsinki: WSOY 2012:

  • 1995 Nuori Suomi (Young Finland) Prize

  • 1996 Tanssiva Karhu (Dancing Bear) Prize

  • 1999 Pekkanen Prize

  • 2001 Engel Prize of Church Art

  • 2003 Tanssiva Karhu Prize