Eino Santanen 




Eino Santanen 

Foto © Heini Leväslaiho
* 24.11.1975, Finlande
Réside à: Helsinki, Finlande

Eino Santanen (b.1975) has published five books of poetry, edited anthologies of contemporary Finnish poetry and worked as editor-in-chief of Nuori Voima literary magazine.

Santanen is the head teacher of Helsinki-based Critical Academy's School of Creative Writing and a member of the jury of Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize.

His artistic work includes conceptual projects such as the Banknote Poetry Project (2012-) and the Poetry Karaoke Project (2002-2006). He has written poetry for interdisciplinary co-works with choreographers, composers, computer game designers, film and theatre directors and visual artists. He is a member of the text-based live art collective Black Mödernism.

 Foto © Heini Leväslaiho
Santanen has been awarded with Kalevi Jäntti Prize 2006 and Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yleisradio's Tanssiva Karhu Prize for best book of poetry 2015.

  • Kuuntele, romantiikkaa

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2002

  • Uusi ääni


    (edited with Saila Susiluoto)

    Helsinki: Otava, 2006

  • Merihevonen kääntää kylkeään

    Helsinki: Teos, 2006

  • Runouden vuosikirja 2006 MotMot – Nauru


    (edited with Aki Salmela)

    Helsinki: WSOY, 2007

  • Punainen seinä

    Helsinki: Teos, 2010

  • Tekniikan Maailmat

    Helsinki: Teos, 2014

  • Yleisö

    Helsinki; Teos 2017,

  • 2006 Kalevi Jäntti Prize

  • 2015 Tanssiva karhu prize for best poetry book - awarded by the Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yleisradio