Anja Kampmann 




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felder, offen für jedes licht allemand

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Anja Kampmann 

Foto © Juliane Henrich
* 30.10.1983, Hamburg, Allemagne
Réside à: Leipzig, Allemagne

Anja Kampmann 

Anja Kampmann, born 1983 in Hamburg, studied at the University of Leipzig and the German Literature Institute. In 2011 she was a fellow of the International Writing Program Iowa, after which she began a dissertation on Samuel Beckett's late prose (Musikalität & Stille) as well as work for radio. Her poetry debut 'Proben von Stein und Licht' (Samples of Stone and Light) was published in 2016 in the Edition Lyrik Kabinett by Hanser, followed in 2017 by a volume of prose biographies 'Fischdiebe' (Fish Thieves) in a bibliophile edition of 100 copies. In 2018, the novel "Wie hoch die Wasser steigen" was also published by Hanser; the novel was nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize and the German Book Prize and translated into six languages. For it, the author received the Mara Cassens Prize for the best novel debut in 2019, the Förderpreis Literatur of the city of Lüneburg, the Lessing Förderpreis of the Free State of Saxony in 2019. In 2019/2020, she is the Stadtschreiberin of Bergen-Enkheim. With "High as the Waters Rise" the translation of "Wie hoch die Wasser steigen" she was a finalist of the National Book Awards 2020 in the USA. In 2020 she received the Rainer Malkowski Prize of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Her poetry collection "Der Hund ist immer hungrig" was published by Hanser Verlag in 2021; translations into Arabic, Italian, English and French are in progress. 2022 scholarship holder of the Roger Willemsen House and the German Literature Fund. Kampmann is currently working on her next novel and a musical piece with the composer Elnaz Sayedi.

 Foto © Juliane Henrich
  • Proben von Stein und Licht


    Edition Lyrik Kabinett bei Hanser

    München: Hanser-Verlag, 2016

  • Wie hoch die Wasser steigen


    München: Hanser-Verlag, 2018

  • Der Hund ist immer hungrig


    München: Hanser-Verlag, 2021

  • Die schmutzige Wäsche des schmelzenden Schnees

    Adam Zagajewski – Poet der Zärtlichkeit und des Staunens

    Zwiesprachen – Hrsg. v. Holger Pils (Lyrik Kabinett München)

    Heidelberg: Wunderhorn, 2024

  • 2013 1. Preis MDR Literaturpreis

  • 2015 Wolfgang Weyrauch Förderpreis

  • 2018 Mara-Cassens-Preis

  • 2019 Förderpreis zum Lessing-Preis

  • 2019 Stadtschreiberin von Bergen-Enkheim

  • 2020 National Book Awards Finalist

  • 2020 Rainer Malkowski Preis der Bayerischen Akademie der Schönen Künste

  • 2024 Liliencron-Poetik-Dozentur