Amir Or  (אמיר אור)




Amir Or  אמיר אור

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* 01.07.1956, Tel Aviv, Israël
Réside à: Tel Aviv, Israël

Amir Or (b.1956 in Tel Aviv, Israel), poet, translator and publisher, is one of Israel's most popular writers. He studied Philosophy and Comparative Religion in Jerusalem. The philologist's interest in Greek mythology is reflected in his poems, which have appeared so far in eight collections and have been translated into more than thirty languages. “The Song of Tahira” is an epic novel in metrical prose, while his poetry collection Day takes the Jewish Book of Prayer as its starting point and interprets it in his poetry, Or experiments with all the dialects of the ancient cultural language that is Hebrew in order to show the various periods in the development of languages.

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Amir Or is the initiator and organiser of the Helicon Society for the Advancement of poetry in Israel, which has given its name since 1990 to a poetry journal, a press, a festival and an Arabic-Hebrew school for poets. Amir Or is Israel's representative in the 'Poets for Peace' project promoted by the UN and has taught Creative Writing at many universities.

He has received the Prize of the Prime Minister of Israel, the Bernstein Prize and the Holon Prize for his work.

  • Limb-Loosening Desire

    [Anthology of Greek erotic poetry]

    Translated by Amir Or


  • Shir


    Ha-kibbutz Ha-meuchad, 1996

  • Yom


    Ha-kibbutz Ha-meuchad & Tag, 1998

  • Shuntaro Tanikawa - To a Woman

    from the Japanese together with his wife, Akiko Takahashi


  • Shir Tahira

    [The Song of Tahira]

    Xargol, 2001

  • Muzeion Hazman

    [The Museum of Time]

    Ha-kibbutz Ha-meuchad, 2007

  • Heart Beast

    Keshev publishers, 2010