Ali Abdolrezaei  (علی عبدالرضایی)




Ali Abdolrezaei  علی عبدالرضایی

* 10.04.1969, Langrud, Iran
Réside à: London, Royaume-Uni

Ali Abdolrezaeiwas born on 10 April 1969 in Northern Iran. He completed his primary and secondary education in his city of birth and after receiving his diploma in mathematics passed the nationwide university entrance exams. He graduated with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran Technical and Engineering University.

Abdolrezaei began his professional poetic career in 1986. He published various books of poetry and his poems have been translated into several languages.

In September 2002 he left Iran and after staying a few months in Germany,

followed by two years in France, he moved to London, where he has been

living for the last three years.

  • Only iron Men Rust in the Rain

    Tehran: Vistar, 1991

  • You Name this Book

    Tehran: 1992

  • Paris in Renault

    Tehran: Narenj, 1996

  • This Dear Cat

    Tehran: Narenj, 1997

  • Improvisation

    Tehran: Nim-Negah, 1999

  • So Sermon of Society

    Tehran: Nim-negah, 2000

  • Shinema

    Tehran: Hamraz, 2001

  • I Live in Riskdom

    Paris: 2005

  • Hermaphrodite

    Paris: 2006

  • A Gift Wrapped in Condom

    Paris: 2006

  • The Worst Literature

    Paris: 2007

  • In Riskdom Where I Lived

    (A collection of 28 poems translated into English by Dr. Abol Froushan)

    London: Exiled Writers Ink, 2007

  • Terror

    London: 2009

  • Fackbook

    London: 2009

  • La Elaha Ella Love

    Paris: 2010

  • Sixology

    (A collection of 6 major poems translated into English by Dr. Abol Froushan)

    Paris: 2010

  • Zerbombt doch all das Weinen

    (A collection of 35 poems translated into German by Christina Ehlers)

    Paris: 2010


    (A collection of poems translated into Turkish by Saeed Ahmadzadeh Ardebili)

    Paris: 2010

  • Ese'

    (A selection of poems translated into Spanish by Elizabeth Lorena Faitarona de Ford)

    Paris: 2010

  • Only iron men rust in the rain

    (A selection of 36 poems translated into Arabic by El Habib Louai)

    Paris: 2010