Tomica Bajsić 




Tomica Bajsić 

Foto © Vitorino Coragem
* 07.06.1968, Zagreb, Croacia
Vive en: Zagreb, Croacia

Born in 1968 in Zagreb, Croatia. Poet, prose writer and translator. Graphic artist, educated at School of Applied Arts and studied three years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. Worked also in restoration, drawing, photography and design.

President of Croatian PEN Centre. Long time editor for translated poetry in Poezija magazine and Poezija library publishing poetry books. Founder of Druga priča, Design &  Poetry Publishing. Published five poetry books, two prose books and a picture book. Most recent poetry book with drawings Nevidljivo more / Invisible Sea, by Fraktura publishing 2018. Awarded for poetry books with Ivan Goran Kovačić and Dobriša Cesarić awards and published in numerous anthologies and literary journals at home and abroad. Translated into German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Asturian, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian. Participated in many poetry festivals and poetry reading manifestations in Marseille, Vicenza, Cork, St. Andrews, London, Stockholm, Xinghai, Warsaw, Krakow, Lviv, Bratislava, Berlin, Edenkoben, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Brasilia, Lisbon, Barcelona, Vigo, Druskinike, including Sarajevo Poetry Days, Struga Poetry Evenings, Days of Poetry and Wine in Ljubljana and Ptuj.

 Foto © Vitorino Coragem
Had two photography expositions over Amazon Rainforest and it's inhabitants at KIC gallery in 2014. and photographs and videos of Brazil and Amazon in Mimara Museum in Zagreb in 2016.

  • Južni križ

    (Southern Cross)


    Goranovo proljeće, 1998

  • Pjesme svjetlosti i sjene

    (Songs of Light and Shadow )


    AGM, 2004

  • Dva svijeta i još jedan

    (Two Worlds & One More)

    travel prose

    Naklada Ljevak, 2007

  • Ana i vila Velebita

    (Ana and the Velebit Fairy)

    drawings and story

    NP Velebit, 2007

  • Pobuna obješenih

    (Mutiny of the Hanged)


    Fraktura, 2008

  • Zrak ispod mora

    (Air Beneath the Sea)


    Biblioteka nagrade Dobriša Cesarić, 2009

  • Amazona diše, škola na dalekom kraju svijeta

    (Amazon Breathes, School at the Far End of the World)

    story and photographs

    Zagreb, Druga priča, 2016.

  • Nevidljivo more

    (The Invisible Sea)

    poetry and prose fragments with drawings

    Zagreb, Fraktura, 2018.,

  • 1998 Ivan Goran Kovačić award for younger poets

  • 2009 Dobriša Cesarić prize