Petr Hruška 




Petr Hruška 

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* 07.06.1964, Ostrava, República Checa
Vive en: Ostrava, República Checa

The poet, literary theorist and columnist Petr Hruška was born in Ostrava on 7th June 1964. Under past regime he finished The Technical University of Ostrava in the field of mineral resources working. After The Velvet Revolution he took a degree in Czech language, literature and literary studies in Ostrava. In 90s he co-organised literary evenings, festivals and exhibitions in Ostrava, particularly Literární harendy with poet Ivan Motýl. He was also editor of Ostravian literary magazines Landek and Obrácená strana měsíce with his brother Pavel, with Ivo Kaleta and with prosaic Jan Balabán whose last novel Možná že odcházíme he prepared to the publication after Balabán’s unforeseen death.

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He works in the Institute of Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences, in Brno, and also teaches literature at Masaryk University, in Brno. He participated on editing of The History of Czech literature 1945–1989 in four volumes, on the second volume of The Dictionary of Czech writers and on The Dictionary of Czech literary magazines, anthologies and almanacs 1945–2000.

He is on the editorial board of Host, a literature monthly, and lives in Ostrava. Hruška's work is very much appreciated on the Czech literary scene today. He has been described as the poet of unrest and hidden dangers in everyday life, especially in relationships. His poems confront readers with a world with which they are familiar, and yet they find its reality surprising.

His poetry has been translated into French, German, English, Polish, Dutch and Slovene.

  • Obývací nepokoje

    Ostrava: Sfinga, 1995

  • Měsíce

    Brno: Host, 1998

  • Vždycky se ty dveře zavíraly

    Brno: Host, 2002

  • Zelený svetr

    Brno: Host, 2004

  • Auta vjíždějí do lodí

    Brno: Host, 2007

  • Někde tady. Český básník Karel Šiktanc

    Brno: Host, 2010

  • Darmata

    il. by Katarína Szanyi

    Brno: Host, 2012

  • Jedna věta


    Revolver Revue, 2015

  • Nevlastní

    il. by Zdeněk Janošec Benda

    Argo, 2017

  • Nikde není řečeno

    il. by Jakub Špaňhel

    Brno: Host, 2019

  • Irgendwohin nach Haus


    Übersetzt von Martina Lisa mit Kerstin Becker

    Dresden: edition Azur, 2019

  • 1998 Dresden Poetry Prize

  • 2009 Jan Skácel Prize (for the collection of poems "Auta vjíždějí do lodí")

  • 2013 State Prize for Literature (for the collection of poems "Darmata")