Michel Garneau 




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Michel Garneau 

* 25.04.1939, Montreal, Quebec, Canadá
Vive en: Montreal, Quebec, Canadá

Michel Garneau

born in the year 1939 of our racist era

i left school before I turned fifteen in order to live

          working since then in every media

using language: radio-television-cinema-documentary

as a writer and narrator

          wrote some sixty plays

translated plays and poems

           published 44 books

including fifteen poetry

         i’m now working

on an homage to forms

whose working title is

les chevaux approximatifs

and on my next collection that will be called

une fricassée de barbouilles

  • 1977 Prix littéraire du Gouverneur général

  • 1977 Prix du Gouverneur général (refused)

  • 1980 Coupe Charade

  • 1989 Prix du Gouverneur général

  • 1989 Prix Victor-Morin