Jila Mossaed  (ژیلا مساعد)




آن شب persa

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و دیوانگی را نامی تازه دادند persa

Jila Mossaed  ژیلا مساعد

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* 04.04.1948, Tehran, Irán
Vive en: Gothenburg, Suecia

Jila Mossaed was born in Tehran in 1948. Since she took refuge in Sweden in 1986, she has published a large number of books in Persian exile publishing houses, as well as seven volumes of poetry in Swedish. Her books are banned in Iran and although her poems were only printed in magazines due to censorship there, she is still read in Iran and is even counted among the great poets of the twentieth century.

In Sweden, Mossaed has received many prestigious awards for her poetry, including the Gustav-Fröding Prize, Nordstedt's Author's Grant, a poetry scholarship from the Swedish Academy, and others.
Her works have been translated into many languages. In 2017 an edition of her collected poems was published in Dutch. In 2018 she was appointed a member of the Swedish Academy.

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In her poems, Jila Mossaed treats exile both as a painful experience and as a possibility of artistic expression, making it possible to deal with the real wounds, those of political and religious oppression. Her poems reflect her survival through words, through poems and her position as a poet and woman. In her poetics, Swedish minimalism meets the opulent, sensual Persian lyric tradition.

  • Månen och den eviga kon


  • Sju vilda oceaner: dikter 1997–2000


  • Under floden ligger en kudde


  • Varje dag kysser jag markens fötter


    Årsta: Bokförlaget Lejd, 2009

  • Ett ljud som bara jag kan


    Årsta: Bokförlaget Lejd, 2012

  • Jag föder rådjuret

    Årsta: Bokförlaget Lejd, 2015

  • Vad jag saknades här

    Årsta: Bokförlaget Lejd, 2018

  • 1996 Klas de Vylders stipendiefond för invandrarförfattare

  • 1997 Karlstads kommuns kulturstipendium till Gustaf Frödings minne

  • 1999 ABF:s litteratur- & konststipendium

  • 2013 Årets västsvenska författare

  • 2015 Aftonbladets litteraturpris

  • 2016 Gustaf Fröding-sällskapets lyrikpris

  • 2017 Kallebergerstipendiet

  • 2018 Jan Fridegård-priset

  • 2019 Erik Lindegren-priset