Hugo Claus 




Hugo Claus 

Foto © Gerald Dauphin
* 05.04.1929, Brugge, Bélgica
19.03.2008, Antwerp, Bélgica

Hugo Claus (1929) has been the wonder boy of Flemish literature for more than half a decade. He has written more than a hundred literary works, with which he has won more than forty literary prizes. To his credit he has poems, stories, novels, plays, libretti and film scripts. He is also renowned as a translator, painter and film director.

Influenced by surrealism, in the nineteen-fifties he made his name as a poet with a number of collections of experimental lyric poetry, of which De Oostakkerse gedichten (The East Acre Poems) (1955) is the highpoint. From the nineteen-sixties onwards topical events became more prominent in his work, which is illustrated by the explicit social commitment in volumes such as Van horen zeggen (Hearsay) (1970). At the same time, he started increasingly to include quotes from and references to other writers and artists.

 Foto © Gerald Dauphin
Between the 1,300 pages of his current collected body of poetic works you will find the most diverse poetic forms, styles, themes and poetica. Recent collections, such as De sporen (Traces) (1996) and Wreed geluk (Cruel Chance) (1999), display the diversity of Claus’ poetic palette in all its glory: autobiographical verses, complex intertextual ‘rewritings’ and montage texts, satirical occasional poetry and poems about other works of art.

Claus suffered from Alzheimer's disease and requested his life to be terminated through euthanasia at a hospital in Antwerp on March 19, 2008. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium.

  • Registreren

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  • Van horen zeggen

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    Ausgewählte Gedichte

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  • Ik schrijf je neer

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  • 1950 Leo J. Kry-Preis

  • 1952 Ark-Preis

  • 1955 Belgischer Staatspreis für Literatur

  • 1965 Henriette Roland Holst-Preis

  • 1967 Belgischer Staatspreis für Literatur

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  • 2001 Preis für Europäische Poesie

  • 2003 Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung