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Birutė Mar 

Foto © Vladas Braziūnas
* 23.03.1969, Kaunas, Lituania
Vive en: Vilnius, Lituania

Birutė Mar (Marcinkevičiūtė) is a poet. She attended the J. Naujalis Art School and studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography. Since 1993 she has been an actress at the Vilnius Academic Theatre, and later the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

Mar made her debut with the poetry collection Unsent Letters (Neišsiųsti laiškai) in 1995. Kokoro, a book of essays based on impressions from travels in Japan, was published in 1999, while her second poetry collection, Solo, appeared in 2001. Her diary of a trip to East Asia, Homes Redolent with Cinnamon (Cinamonu kvepiantys namai), was published in 2007.

 Foto © Vladas Braziūnas
Mar has also written the libretto for the children’s opera Birdy (Paukštė), a screenplay for the short film Unwritten Letter (Neparašytas laiškas) based on the life and work of Šatrija Ragana, and stage adaptations for one-woman shows based on Marguerite Duras’ The Lover (2001) and Sophocles’ Antigone (2003). She wrote her first play, Make-Up Opera (Grimo opera) in 2004; she is also author of The Poetess (Poetė) (2005) - a one-woman play based on the works and diaries of Lithuanian poet Salomėja Nėris.

Her poetry has been translated into English, Germany, Estonian and other languages.

Between 1998 and 2000 she won numerous awards in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarussia, when her one-woman play ,Words in the Sand, made the rounds of the international theatre festivals.

Mar currently resides in Vilnius.

  • Neišsiųsti laiškai (Unsent Letters)


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  • Kokoro: japoniški akimirksniai (Kokoro: Japanese moments)


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  • Solo


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  • Cinamonu kvepiantys namai (Homes Redolent with Cinnamon)

    [from the East Asia Diaries]

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  • Marija ir Pūkelis

    [stories for children]

    Vilnius: Dominicus Lituanus, 2009

  • Princesių sala

    [fairytale for children]

    Vilnius: Kronta, 2011

  • Gėlininkė

    [fairytale for children]

    Vilnius: Švieskime vaikus, 2014

  • 2000 International Poetry Festival 'Poetry Spring' Award for Recitation