Asmaa Azaizeh 




Asmaa Azaizeh 

Foto © Sharif Mosa
* 27.02.1985, Daborieh, Galilee, Israel
Vive en: Haifa, Israel

Asma'a Azaizeh 

Palestinian poet, essayist, and cultural manager based in Haifa. In 2010 Asmaa received the Debutant Writer Award from Al Qattan Foundation for her volume of poetry “Liwa”, (2011, Alahlia). She has other two volumes of poetry: "As The Woman From Lod Bore Me" (2015, Alahlia) and “Don’t believe me if I talk of war” in Arabic in 2019 by Almutawassit, Milan and in Dutch by Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, Amsterndam. Asmaa has also published a bilingual poetry anthology in German and Arabic “unturned stone” (2017, Alahlia). She has contributed to and participated in various journals, anthologies and poetry festivals around the world. Her poems have been translated into English, German, French, Persian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Montenegrin, Greek, Italian, and Croatian.

 Foto © Sharif Mosa
Asmaa has worked as an editor of print newspapers, a journalist and a presenter in various TV and radio stations. Currently, she works as the artistic director of Fattoush book store, and Fattoush bar and gallery in Haifa.

  • Liwa

    Alahlia, 2011

  • Woman from Lod Bore Me

    Alahlia, 2015

  • Don't Believe Me If I Talk To You Of War

    Almutawassit, 2019,

  • ليوا


    دار الأهلية, 2011

  • كما ولدتني اللدية


    دار الأهلية, 2015

  • لا تصدّقوني إن حدّثتكم عن الحرب


    منشورات المتوسط, 2019

  • 2010 Young Writer Award from Al Qattan Foundation

  • 2010 جائزة الكاتب الشّاب في حقل الشّعر من مؤسّسة عبد المحسن القطّان