Aki Salmela 




Elegia 2 finés

Traducciones: ar

to poem

Kunstkammer finés

Leikitään kotia finés

Maalaus finés

[Kaikki kirjallisuus käsittelee lopulta vanhenemista ja sitä mitä voitaisiin kutsua] finés

[Tänään tahdon unohtaa itseni ja avautua maailmalle, avautua vieraana] finés

[Kuvassa kaksi luurankoa rakastelee intohimoisesti] finés

Traducciones: de

to poem

Aki Salmela 

Foto © Perrti Nisonen
* 19.03.1976, Vantaa, Finland, Finlandia
Vive en: Helsinki, Finland, Finlandia

Aki Salmela, born in Vantaa, Finland, in 1976, has published four collections of poetry in Finnish: Sanomattomia lehtiä (Newsless Newssheets), Leikitään kotia (Let's Play House), Tyhjyyden ympärillä (Around Nothingness) and Yhtä ja samaa (One and the Same). In addition to these Salmela has published a volume of poetry in English, Word in Progress. Salmela's debut collection of poetry was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti Literary Prize in 2004 and nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize. Salmela's third volume of poetry was awarded the poetry prize Tanssiva Karhu of the Finnish Broadcasting Company in 2008. As a translator, Aki Salmela has translated, among other things, the work of John Ashbery and Ron Padgett, Charles Simic and Gertrude Stein into Finnish. 

 Foto © Perrti Nisonen
Aki Salmela is among the most promising of the young Finnish poets who are searching for new ways of expression. One of the most encouraging literary features of the start of the new century was the young generation making its poetic début, including Salmela. They showed a wide-ranging interest in the poetry and tradition of Finland and abroad and were well-versed in foreign languages as well as various experimental poetic techniques. In his ebullient experimentation Salmela is seeking out language’s capricious, distorting edge, which, in various combinations, can de-familiarise the multi-sensory world —reveal it as if for the first time. ‘The world’s complete but we’ll make new ones,’ says the poet.      

  • Sanomattomia lehtiä

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2004

  • Leikitään kotia

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2005

  • Word in Progress

    Helsinki: ntamo, 2007

  • Tyhjyyden ympärillä

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2008

  • Yhtä ja samaa

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2009

  • Vanitas

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2012

  • Jokeri

    Helsinki: Tammi, 2015

  • 2004 Kalevi Jäntti Literary Prize

  • 2008 Tanssiva karhu