YA Shi


Nick Admussen



老实说  对于山谷中的小动物
我心怀愧疚  无法直面它们的眼睛
它们就出现  于众多暗处
创造我  且期待比那皱褶、潮湿的
树皮  人能给出更为坚定的音讯。
我知道  即使躲进随手翻开的书里
望着我 低语将要蒙受的羞辱、泥尘。
是的  到了牙齿一颗颗疏松、脱落的晚年
我还会记起这一切  坚持着

© Ya Shi

Eyes of Small Animals

Honestly    with regards to the creatures of the valley
I feel ashamed        can't look them in the eye
inside which is violet fog  (pulled along, rustling)
and kindness, placed into the eternal interrogation that is
cowardice.  When the twilight follows me back to the stone house
they emerge          from their many secret places
create me    and wait for this wrinkled, moist,
tree-barked         man to be supplanted by a steadier messenger.
Even if I hide myself in books, which open to me conveniently
I know     they'll still peek out from the white spaces in words
watch me    and mutter about the humiliations they'll suffer, the dirt.        
Yeah          when my teeth loosen and drop out one by one from age
I will still remember all of this         steadfastly
and with my soul I'll answer the endless accumulation of innocence        
those leaves       just like the skin of babies, blue-green, translucent

© translated from Chinese to English by Nick Admussen