We thank

We want to express our gratitude to those who helped us on the way to our new website.

First of all we thank Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin, whose financial support made the whole relaunch of the site possible.
Special thanks go to our programmers from büro für gestaltung dedering, namely Jörg Dedering, Mario Marschall and David Wolf (and of course their team) for the development and realisation of our new site.

Furthermore we thank the following translators, poets, partners, friends and colleagues for their help and support: Timo Berger, Sharmila Cohen, Douraid Rahhal, Isabel Ferrin-Aguirre, Joel Scott, Steffen Popp, Bettina Henningsen, Simon Gattner, Heide Schürmeier, Cyril Momplot, Hannah Reuter, Dmitry Kuzmin, Julià Florit, Per Bergström, Andrej Hočevar, Mindy Zhang and Remi Raji.

For their video greetings we thank: Laura Serkosalo, Luis Chaves, Avi Dabach, Inês Pedrosa, José Correia, Élise Bergeron, Francis Farley-Chevrier as well as Mindy Zhang.

Special thanks also to the team of c-base > Raumstation unter Berlin, especially to cven, t and keiner, without whom we would not have been able to celebrate the relaunch event as we did. Just as well we thank Institut Ramon Llull, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Rámus Förlag, Malmö, as well as the Swedish Embassy for their kind support.

And not least our gratitude goes to the poets who were so kind to read at the relaunch event: Simen Hagerup,  Els Moors, Steffen Popp, Pedro Sena-Lino, Helena Sinervo and Jan Wagner.

Thank you very much.