International Lyrikline partners meet in Berlin

On May 25th 2018 the international network of lyrikline partners gets together for its annual meeting. 24 organisations who collaborate with Lyrikline by contributing poets from their countries or regions to the website will travel to Berlin.

(Meeting 2017)

We'll be discussing e.g. current projects, technical aspects, and lyrikline's 20th anniversary in 2019.

Organisations that will take part in this year's meeting are:

Belarus                                   Belarusian PEN Centre
Belgium, Flanders                Flemish Literature Fund
Belgium, Wallonia                L'Arbre de Diane
Burundi                                  Ubuntu Advocates Initiative
Croatia                                    Croatian PEN Centre
Czech Republic                     Czech Writers Association
Estonia                                   Estonian Literature Centre
Finland                                   Nuoren Voiman Liitto / Runokuu Festival
Hungary                                 Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum
India                                       The Enchanting Verses Literary Review      
Israel                                       Helicon
Latvia                                      Latvian Writers Union
Lithuania                                Lithuanian Culture Institute
Macedonia                             Independent Writers of Macedonia
Malaysia                                 Kala
The Netherlands                   Dutch Foundation for Literature
Portugal                                  Casa Fernando Pessoa
Serbia                                      Serbian PEN Centre
Singapore                               The Literary Centre
Spain, Catalonia                    Institut Ramon Llull
Sweden                                    Rámus
Turkey                                     EDISAM - Turkish Literature and Science Writers Union
UK                                            Manchester Poetry Library

and the multinational network Literature Across Frontiers