Experience lyrikline partners on stage at 19th poesiefestival berlin

From May 24-31 the poesiefestival berlin organised by Haus für Poesie takes places for the 19th time. At Akademie der Künste and other venues all over the city it presents more than 100 poets, artists, and experts from over 30 countries. Several members of the lyrikline partner network can be experienced on stage in talks, readings, or as presenters. We recommend the following events:

1.) Tse Hao Guang of the Singaporian Lyrikline delegation will be reading at Poets Corner.


Tse Hao Guang is a Singaporean poet and editor. His first full-length poetry collection, Deeds of Light, was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. He is a 2016 fellow of the University of Iowa's International Writing Program.
Meet him here:
SAT, May 26, 2018: Poets' Corner: Poetry in Berlin’s city districts
6-8 pm Neukölln
ORi. Forum künstliche Bildmedien e.V. | Friedelstrasse 8 |U Hermannplatz

With Federico Federici | Nadja Grasselli | TseHaoGuang | Denise Pereira
Presenter: Anna Giannessi
The readings will be in Italian, Portuguese and German.

Poets' Corner floods the city with poems. Over the whole afternoon and with the kind support of the city districts and cultural institutions, poets living in Berlin and guests present their work, reading in libraries, galleries, museums and cultural centres – wherever there is a space for poetry to meet its audience.

Entrance free

2.) Alexandra Büchler of Literature Across Frontiers will be a presenter at the reading Studio Europe that presents poets who were recommended, among others, by the Literary Europe Life network.

Foto © Martina-Kenji

Alexandra Büchler
 is director of Literature Across Frontiers – European Platform for Literary Exchange, Translation and Policy Debate based in Wales. A member of the European Cultural Parliament, she sits on several committees dealing with literary translation programmes and multilingualism. An editor and translator, she has published over twenty books including anthologies of contemporary fiction and poetry in translation.
Meet her here:

SAT, May 26, 2018: Studio Europe
09:30 PM
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
With the poets Bronka Nowicka POL | Sandeep Parmar GBR | Nathalie Ronvaux LUX | Nataša Sardžoska MKD 
Music: Georgi Sareski MKD

Four young women poets acclaimed in their own countries bring together their themes and poetic approaches. Nataša Sardžoska explores the internal layers of separation and freedom; Bronka Nowickaquestions the way the world is ordered; Nathalie Ronvaux describes processes of self-discovery in forceful imagery; and moments full of wonder seem to spring uninvited from the language of every one of Sandeep Parmar’s poems. The poets have been chosen from the many excellent recommendations by international partner institutions such as the Literary Europe Life network.
German translations of the poems are available.
Entrance fee:
10/7 €

3.) + 4.) Poetry Market: Reading with Sonnet Mondal of The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Lyrikline's Indian partner organisation, and discussion with Per Bergström from our Swedish partner organisation Rámus förlag. Meet Sonnet and Per at the Poetry Market:

SUN, May 27, 2018: Poetry Market
from 02:00 PM
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
On Sunday the Academy of Arts will turn into a poetic hidden object picture. In the Studio Foyer more than 30 publishers and magazines will be presenting what they have to offer, while poets read in the Beech Garden, discussions go on in the Club Room about poetry criticism and poetry publishing, and younger visitors make cartoon films and conceal postcard poems. 


Sonnet Mondal is the author of Ink and Line and five other books of poetry. Winner of the 2016 Gayatri Gamarsh Memorial Award for literary excellence, Mondal was one of the authors of the ‘Silk Routes’ project of the IWP, University of Iowa, from 2014 to 2016. His poetry appeared in various magazines and anthologies around the globe. He is the editor-in-chief of the Enchanting Verses Literary Review, and lives in Kolkata.

Readings in the Beech Garden
2.30-7.30 pm
Moisés Alves | Nico Bleutge| Nora Bossong| Peter Engstler | Eva Förster | Dieter M. Gräf | Catherine Hales | Odile Kennel | Sonnet Mondal | Brigitte Oleschinski| Judith Nika Pfeifer | Sergio Raimondi | Ulrike Almut Sandig | Katharina Schultens | Johanna Schwedes | Mikael Vogel | Sibylla Vričić Hausmann | Ernest Wichner | Matvei Yankelevich
Presenters: Aurélie Maurin FRA/DEU translator, editor | Alexander Filyuta RUS/DEU translator 


Per Bergström is a Swedish publisher and literature organiser based in Malmö. He is the co-founder of Rámus publishing house which he runs since 2001, together with Thomas Andersson. Rámus focuses on international poetry and prose in translation. Per studied book and library sciences.

Publishing poetry: ways, forms, possibilities. A conversation
Club Room
4 pm
With Matvei Yankelevich, Ugly Duckling Press | Per Bergström, Rámus Förlag | Ulf Stolterfoht, BRUETERICH PRESS
Moderated by: Amanda DeMarco
English-German interpreting will be available for this event.

Entrance free

5.) Adams Sinarinzi of the Burundian Lyrikline partner organisation Ubuntu Advocates Initiative talks to Ketty Nivyabandi.


Adams Sinarinzi
is a Burundian poet and writer. He is the author of "These are no prayers" and "Numbers ou journal d'un poème perdu". Between the essay and poetry, Adams Sinarinzi explores the African and Burundian experience of History in this twenty-first century. A lyrical cry that seeks a language and words of a poem that seems impossible to write, that of a continent's rebirth always missed.
Meet him here:

SUN, May 27, 2018: Poetry Talk: Ketty Nivyabandi – "On the pavements of starving boulevards"
05:00 PM

Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
Ketty Nivyabandi
BDI writer and activist, in converation with Adams Sinarinzi BDI writer

The work of Ketty Nivyabandi (b. 1978 in Uccle, Belgium) is one of those rare cases in which political engagement meets poetic complexity. Nivyabandi’s poems reflect the history of her country, Burundi, from which she had to flee in 2015, in the mirror of her own biography. With the power of her imagery, her flow, she transforms them both into a form of poetic resistance. Her poems are songs of a “shredded nation” of broken-but-whole people” who never cease turning the word “freedom” over in their mouths in spite of war, hunger and persecution.
English-German interpreting will be available for this event.
Entrance free

6.) Jonáš Hájek of the Czech Writers Association is the presenter of the Czech-German VERSschmuggel reading which brings on stage the results of the translation workshop which he has also been a curator for.


Jonáš Hájek
is a Czech poet and musicologist. He has released three poetry collections and received the Jiří Orten Prize in 2007 for his debut Suť. Jonáš ranslates poetry from German and is a member of the Czech Writers Association. He works as an editor at a publishing house for sheet music in Prague.
Meet him here:

WED, May 30, 2018: VERSschmuggel/ reVERSible – Překladiště: Czech-German
07:30 PM
Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin
With the poets Milan Děžinský CZE and Steffen Popp DEU | Pavel Kolmačka CZE and Nadja Küchenmeister DEU | Pavel Novotný CZE and Léonce W. Lupette DEU/ARG | Jan Škrob CZE and Tom Bresemann DEU |Božena Správcová CZE and Birgit Kreipe DEU | Marie Šťastná CZE and Carl-Christian Elze DEU
Presenter: Jonáš Hájek CZE curator, poet

The Czech Republic is close. On a racing bike you can cover the 320 km between Berlin and Prague in around three days. Three days is also the length of the VERSschmuggel/reVERSible translation workshop, for which six Czech poets are coming together with six German-speaking poets during the poesiefestival berlin. VERSschmuggel/reVERSible is an artistic and communication adventure and a hub for cultural crossovers and poetic traditions. In pairs and supported by language mediators the poets translate each others’ texts into each others’ languages, working on the basis of gloss translations.
The poems resulting from this German-Czech collaboration will be read on this evening in a bilingual reading. They will also appear in an anthology in the Czech Republic (published by Protimluv) and in Germany (published by Das Wunderhorn) which will be launched at the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair, at which the Czech Republic will be the featured country.
With the able assistance of the language mediators Lena Dorn DEU | Kathrin Janka DEU | Mirko Kraetsch DEU | Martina Lisa DEU | Eva Marková CZE | Michaela Škultéty CZE

Entrance fee: 10/7 €