Yassin Adnan  (ياسين عدنان)




دفتر العابر - مانشستر / أمستردام arabic

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دفتر العابر - بازل / برلين arabic

دفتر العابر - سان فرانسيسكو arabic

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Yassin Adnan  ياسين عدنان

photo © Yassin Adnan
* 02.08.1970, Safi, Morocco
lives in: Marrakech, Morocco

Yassin Adnan is a Moroccan writer, born in Safi in 1970. Since his early childhood he has lived in Marrakech and holds a BA in English Literature from  its University. Though he got a graduate diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the faculty of Education at Mohamed V University, he has worked for more than two decades in cultural journalism.
He published Contemporary Voices magazine and then Poetry Raid, which embodied the new poetic sensibility prevalent in Morocco in the early 1990s.
Since 2006, he has researched and presented his weekly cultural TV programme "Masharef" on the first Moroccan channel.

 photo © Yassin Adnan
He is the author of four books of poetry :“Mannequins” (2000), “Resurrection Pavement” (2003 ), “I Can Hardly See” (2007), and Rambler's Notebook" (2012). He has three short story collections: The shadow's apples (2006),Who Believes in Letters? (2011), and“Girls’ Joy with Light Rain” (2013). Marrakech: Open Secrets (2008) is a book he co-wrote with Saad sarhane.
He is the editor of The Moroccan Sheherazade: Testimonies and Studies of Fatima Mernissi(2016), and of a forthcoming anthology of short stories that will be published by Akashic Books :Marrakech Noir.

Hot Maroc (2016), his first novel, was nominated for The International Prize for Arabic Fiction 2017. 

  • Mannequins


    Casablanca: Manshurat Ittihad kuttab Al-Maghrib, 2000

  • Man yusaddiq al-rasa'il?

    [Who Believes in Letters?]

    [short stories]

    Kairo: Dar Mirit, 2001

  • Rasif al-qiyama

    [Resurrection Pavement]



  • Le récif de l’Effroi

    poésie, avec traduction française de Siham Bouhlal

    Rabat: Dar Marsam, 2005

  • Tuffah al-zill

    [The shadow's apples]

    [short stories]

    Casablanca: éditions de la Faculté des Lettres, Benmsik-University, 2006

  • La akad ara

    [I Can Hardly See]


    Beirut: Dar Al-Nahda al-arabiyya, 2007

  • Marakish: asrar mu'lana

    [Marrakech: Open Secrets]

    Together with Saad Sarhane

    Rabat: Dar Marsam, 2008

  • Diftar l’aber

    [Rambler's Notebook / le cahier du passager]


    Toubkal, 2012

  • [Girls’ Joy with Light Rain]

    [short stories]


  • Shéhérazade la marocaine


  • Hot Maroc


    Kairo: دار العين للنشر, 2016

  • Marrakech Noir

    [short stories]

    Akashic Books, soon

  • مانيكان


    منشورات اتحاد كتاب المغرب، 2000,

  • من يصدق الرسائل؟

    مجموعة قصصية

    دار ميريت للنشر، القاهرة،2001,

  • رصيف القيامة


    دار المدى السورية 2003,

  • تفاح الظلّ

    مجموعة قصصية

    منشورات مجموعة البحث في القصة القصيرة بالمغرب سنة 2006

  • لا أكاد أرى


    دار النهضة، بيروت 2007,

  • دفتر العابر


    ار النشر توبقال سنة 2012,

  • فرح البنات بالمطر الخفيف

    مختارات قصصية

    دار العين، القاهرة،2013

  • هوت ماروك


    دار النشر الفنك، 2016

  • مراكش التي كانت

    «منشورات مرسم» بالرباط, 2019

  • شهرزاد المغربية


    شهادات ودراسات فاطمة المرنيسي