Tugrul Tanyol 




Tugrul Tanyol 

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* 14.01.1953, Istanbul, Turkey
lives in: Istanbul, Turkey

Tugrul Tanyol is born in Istanbul-Turkey in 1953. He studied Sociology at the Bosphorus University and is now an associate professor at the University of Marmara-Istanbul.

He is considered one of the leading figures of the new poetry of the 80’s. He published six books of poetry: Elinden Tutun Günü “Catch the Day by its Hand”(1983); Ağustos Dehlizleri “The Labyrinths of August” (1985, Necatigil Prize); Sudaki Anka “The Phoenix in the Water” (1990); Oda Müziği “Chamber Music” (1992); İhanet Perisinin Soğuk Sarayı “The Cold Palace of the Faithless Nymph” (1995). The five books together in one volume in 1997: Collected Poems; and Büyü Bitti “The Magic Has Gone” (2000). A selection of his poems has been published in Madrid by Verbum in 2003 “Los Laberintos de agosto y otros poemas”.

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In the 80’s Tanyol collaborated in publishing two influential poetry reviews: Üç Çiçek and Poetika. He participated in the publishing of the art magazine “E”. From 2000-2004 he worked as counselor to YKY Publishing House and been in the board of editors of the Kitap-lık, Cogito; and Sanat Dünyamız reviews.

Tugrul Tanyol is also the author of many literary articles and critical essays published in the mainstream reviews and newspapers. He was a founding member of the jury of Cemal Süreya Prize, member of the jury in Balkanica Prize in1997, member of the Great Poetry Prize of the Ministry of Culture in 1998. Tanyol was also the vice president of the Union of Writers of Turkey in 1995-1996. He is a member of the Turkish Pen Club.

He participated among others:

Struga Poetry Evenings – Macedonia: 1992

Festival de Trois Rivières – Quebec-Canada: 1993 et 1999

International Festival “Curtea de Arges Poetry Nights “ – Romania: 1998

Voix de la Méditerrannée – Lodève France 1999

Medellin Poetry Festival – Colombia, 2000 and 2003

Expo-2002 Biel, Switzerland

Balcanica Reunion: Tseloniki 1997

Poetry Readings: London 1993; Berlin and Vienna 1995; Indiana - United States 1999