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Saul Williams 

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* 29.02.1972, Newburgh, United States
lives in: Paris, France

Saul Williams was born on February 29, 1972 in Newburgh, New York. After graduating from Morehouse College with a B. A. in acting and philosophy, he moved to New York City to earn a Master's Degree at New York University in acting. There, Williams found himself at the center of the New York cafe poetry scene.

As a writer, Williams has been published in The New York Times, Esquire, Bomb Magazine and African Voices, as well as having released four collections of poetry. As a poet and musician, Williams has toured and lectured across the world, appearing at many universities and colleges. Williams has also worked as an actor and screenplay writer. He served as both on the critically acclaimed film Slame.

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Saul Williams currently resides in Paris, France.
  • The Seventh Octave

    Moore Black Press, 1998

  • S/HE

    New York: MTV/Pocketbooks, 1999

  • Amethyst Rock Star

    Audio CD

    Poetry, Political & Experimental Hip Hop

    American, 2001

  • , said the shotgun to the head

    New York: MTV/Pocketbooks, 2003

  • Not In My Name EP

    Synchronic (US) / Ninja Tune (UK), 2003

  • Saul Williams

    Audio CD

    Hip Hop, Spoken Word

    Fader / Wichita / V2, 2004

  • The Dead Emcee Scrolls

    The Lost Teachings of Hip-Hop


    New York: MTV/Pocketbooks, 2006

  • The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

    Audio CD

    Produced by Trent Reznor a.k.a Nine Inch Nails

    Fader, 2007

  • NGH WHT - The Dead Emcee Scrolls with The Arditti Quartet


  • Volcanic Sunlight

    Audio CD

    Sony Music / Columbia, 2011

  • CHORUS: A Literary Mixtape

    anthology of poetry

    Edited by Saul Williams with Dufflyn Lammers & Aja Monet

    New York: MTV/Pocketbooks, 2012

  • US (a.)


    New York: MTV/Pocketbooks, 2015

  • MartyrLoserKing

    Audio CD

    Hip Hop, Spoken Word

    Fader, 2016

  • Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion

  • 1998 Grand Jury Prize of Sundance Film Festival

  • 1999 Camera d'Or at Cannes Film Festival