Olena Herasymyuk  (Олена Герасим’юк)




Баба шаманка ukrainian

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to poem

Коли ти йдеш ukrainian

цей шлях ukrainian

так щоночі ukrainian

летиш в тишині ukrainian

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to poem

Слід наче ukrainian

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to poem

Все глухота ukrainian

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to poem

руно ukrainian

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Olena Herasymyuk  Олена Герасим’юк

photo © Olena Herasymyuk
* 03.09.1991, Kiev, Ukraine
lives in: Kiev, Ukraine

The Ukrainian poet, essayist and activist Olena Herasymyuk was born in Kyiv in 1991 as the daughter of the poet Vasyl Herasymiuk and studied literature in Kyiv. She is part of the younger generation of Ukrainian poets, whose work distinguishes itself through, among other characteristics, a newly awakening national consciousness.

In 2012 she won the first prize in the competition "In Memory of Leonid Kiselyov", in 2013 the second prize in the "Torch" literary competition in the category "Poetry" and also in 2013 she was awarded the International Ukrainian-German Literature Prize of Oles Honchar. In the same year, she was awarded the Ukrainian President's Prize for Poetry, which she refused in protest against the Yanukovych government.

 photo © Olena Herasymyuk
Together with Vasyl Karpyuk, she organised the collection Євромайдан. Лірична хроніка (Euromaidan. Lyrical Chronicle, 2014) with poems by many Ukrainian authors. In 2014, she also published her first book of poems, Gluchota (Deafness), a collection of densely composed texts with great dynamism. Her poems have also appeared in magazines and anthologies and have been translated into several languages. Olena Herasymyuk also works for the radio.

In 2016, her poem Tyuremna pisnya (A Prison Song), in which she processes her war experiences, was performed as part of the "Porto Franko Gogol Fest" arts festival. It was recited in the basement of the theatre in Ivano-Frankivsk by fighters of the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) and former political prisoners to great acclaim. Together with other authors, she initiated and published the project Rozstriljanij Kalender (Execution Calendar, 2017), which collects and publishes documents and information about the repression of Ukrainian intellectuals during the Soviet era.

In 2017 she joined a military medical battalion in the Donbass, and in 2019 Ukraine awarded her the medal "For Saving Lives".

  • Gluchota (Глухота)



    Київ: Смолоскип, 2014

  • Rozstriljanij Kalender (Розстрільний Календар)

    Execution calendar

    співавторстві з Тетяною Швидченко, Олександрою Очман, Олександрою Статкевич та іншими

    Клуб Сімейного Дозвілля, 2017

  • Tyuremna pisnya (Тюремна Пісня)

    A Prison Song


    Люта Справа, 2020

  • 2012 first prize at the competition »In Memory of Leonid Kiselyov«

  • 2013 Oles Honchar International Ukrainian-German Literature Prize

  • 2013 second prize in the poetry category at the »Fackel« literature competition

  • 2020 BookForum Best Book Award in the category Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry for Prison Song