Monika Herceg 




Brat croatian

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zečje smrti croatian

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sitne smrti croatian

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Lovostaj croatian

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Pjesnikinja, ljeti croatian

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Hipoteze o povremenoj ptici croatian

Iskaz o oprezu croatian

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Iskaz o početku jezika croatian

Lov croatian

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Monika Herceg 

photo © Tanja Draškić Savić
* 19.10.1990, Sisak, Croatia
lives in: Zagreb, Croatia

Monika Herceg (born 1990, in Sisak) is a poet, playwright, editor, feminist and popular science activist from Croatia. She is a prominent young poet of a new generation in Croatia and the most awarded young author in recent Croatian history.

She grew up near Petrinja, is studying physics at the University of Rijeka and raises two kids in Zagreb.

In 2017 she won Goran the most prominent award for young authors in Croatia. As a result her first book was published in 2018 to critical acclaim and has since won the Kvirin Award, the Fran Galović Award, the Slavić Award and the international award Mostovi Struge. That made her literary debut the most awarded poetry book in Croatian history. Her second book Lovostaj (The Closed Season) appeared in 2019. The manuscript won the Na vrh jezika award for best unpublished poetry volume in 2018.

 photo © Tanja Draškić Savić
Internationally she won the second prize of the International Poetry Competition Castello di Duino in Italy back in 2016 and in 2018 The Bridges of Struga award for young authors from Mostovi Struge festival in Macedonia. In 2021 she won the Fierce Women Award for her activism. 

Her work has been translated into more than ten languages and published in some of the most important magazines. She is a part of Versopolis, a platform for the promotion of young European authors. Trilingual poetry chapbooks have been published in Lithuania and Austria. A selection of works has been published in French, too: “Ciel sous tension”, L’Ollave, 2019. 

Her stories were awarded with several regional and national awards, such as the Biber Award and the Lapis Histriae.

Her drama Gdje se kupuju nježnosti (Where to Buy Tenderness) was awarded by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. She has also received the Marin Držić award, the most important award for drama plays in Croatia (for Kill Yourself, Dear Father).

She is a member of the Croatian Writers' Society and in the editorial board of their magazine.

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  • 2017 Goran award for young poets

  • 2017 Castello di Duino

  • 2017 Stevan Sremac award

  • 2018 Kvirin award for young poets

  • 2018 Fran Galović award for the best book

  • 2018 Slavić award for the best debut

  • 2018 Na vrh jezika award

  • 2018 Mostovi Struge international award for the best debut

  • 2019 Lapis Histrie award for the best short story

  • 2019 Biber award for the best short story

  • 2020 Zvonko Milković award for the best book

  • 2020 Priče s Balkana award for the best short drama script

  • 2020 National theatre in Zagreb award for the best drama script

  • 2021 Marin Držić drama script award

  • 2021 National theatre in Mostar award for best drama scripts

  • 2021 Fierce Woman award

  • 2022 Milo Bošković award

  • 2024 European Poet of Freedom