Mihail Rendžov  (Михаил Ренџов)




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Mihail Rendžov  Михаил Ренџов

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* 25.08.1936, Štip, Macedonia
lives in: Skopje, Macedonia

Mihail Rendžov (poet, prose author, translator) was born in 1936 in Štip, Republic of Macedonia. He has graduated from the Law Faculty in Skopje and has been working for many years in the National Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Skopje. He is the author of following books: A migrant of fire (poetry, 1965), Night growing of the word (poetry, 1967), Where from this side (poetry, 1968), On the brink of dream (poetry, 1972), Fear (poetry, 1976), Midnight (poetry, 1979), Nerezi (poetry, 1982), Auto-da-fé (poetry, 1985), Phoenix (sonnets, 1987), The Earth. Deluge (poetry, 1991), Dreaming travelling (book for children, 1991), He (long lyrical poem, 1993), Deck of cards 33 (poetry, 1994), The eternal, the endless one (poetry, 1996), I oxymoron (poetry, 1998), Angela is dreaming (poetry for children, 1998), Psalms (poetry, 2000), Apocalypse (poetic drama, 2002), The peak. The River. The sea (poetry, 2003), Zachariah and other stories (short stories, 2006), Galichica (poetry, 2007), Scattered. Collected (essays/notes, 2008).

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He has translated many books of poetry including the Assyrian-Babylonian epic “Gilgamesh”. He is a member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre and of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1965. He has won the award of the Struga Poetry Evenings for unpublished poem (1964); 'The November award of the city of Štip” for his poetry book “A migrant of fire” (1965); “11th October” and “Miladinov brothers” for his poetry book “Nerezi” (1982); “Grigor Prlicev” award for the long lyrical poem “He” (1993); “Grand prix international” for his entire work in Romania (1997); “Zlatno pero” for rendition of the book “Wisdom and Bitterness” by Dritero Agoli (1998); “Aco Šopov” award for his poetry book “I oxymoron” (1999); Nomination for the “Balkanika” award for the poetry book 'Psalms' (2000); 'Racinovo priznanie' for the book of short stories 'Zachariah and other stories' and the award of the Ramkovski Foundation for the poetry book 'Galichinca'.

He lives in Skopje.

  • Иселеник на огинот

    (Ноемвриска награда на Штип)

    Скопје: Кочо Рацин, 1965

  • Ноќно растење на зборот

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    (награда „Браќа Миладинови“ и „11 Октомври“)

    Скопје: Мисла, 1982

  • Веда

    (избор песни)

    Скопје: Мисла, 1985

  • Аутодафе

    Скопје: Мисла, 1985

  • Феникс


    Скопје: Македонска книга, 1987

  • Fanar

    Skopje: 1989

  • Земја. Потоп

    Скопје: Култура, 1991

  • Тој


    (награда „Григор Прличев“)

    Скопје: Детска радост, 1993

  • Кипарис

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  • Шпил 33

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  • Амфора

    (избор песни)

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  • Поезија.Poetry.Poesie.Поэзия

    (избор песни)

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  • Сотворение Человека

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  • Вечната бесконечната

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  • Intrarea in Jerusalim

    Bucharest: 1996

  • Јас оксиморон

    (награда „Ацо Шопов“)

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  • Псалми

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  • Апокалипса

    (драмска поема)

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  • Врвот.Реката.Морето

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  • Седмата песен

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  • Галичица

    (награда на Фондација Рамковски)

    Скопје: Фондација Рамковски, 2007

  • The entry into Jerusalem. Psalms

    Bucharest: Orient-Occident, 2008

  • Храм.Молитви

    (избор песни)

    Битола: Микена, 2008

  • 1966 November prize of the city of Štip

  • 1982 Miladinov Brothers

  • 1982 11th October

  • 1993 Grigor Prličev

  • 1997 Grand prix international in Romania

  • 1999 Aco Šopov

  • 2007 Foundation Ramkovski