Maxim Amelin 




Maxim Amelin 

photo © Sergei Klimkin
* 07.01.1970, Kursk, Russia
lives in: Moscow, Russia

A poet, scholar of poetry, essayist, translator, and publisher, Maxim Amelin graduated from the Commercial College in Kursk, served in the Soviet Army, and studied at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow. He has published three books of poetry and a collection of poems, articles and essays. He has translated Greek and Latin classics (Pindar, Catullus, Carmina Priapea) and contemporary Georgian, Italian and Ukrainian poets. He has edited and annotated editions of Russian poets from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries (Vasily Petrov, Dmitry Khvostov, Aleksandr E. Izmailov, Anna Bunina, and Sergey Neldikhen). He has edited numerous poetry anthologies of Russian and Georgian poetry. He was the initiator and curator of the Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of the Peoples of Russia in 57 languages. He is a member of the Russian PEN-Club and the Guild of Literary Translators. He serves as editor-in-chief of OGI Publishing House.

 photo © Sergei Klimkin
  • Холодные оды

    Книга стихов

    М.: Symposium, 1996

  • Dubia

    Книга стихов

    СПб.: ИНАПРЕСС, 1999

  • Конь Горгоны

    Третья книга стихов

    М.: Время, 2003

  • Гнутая речь

    Собрание стихов, статей и эссеистики

    М.: Б.С.Г.-Пресс, 2011

  • Веселая наука, или Подлинная повесть о знаменитом Брюсе, переложенная стихами со слов нескольких очевидцев


    Иллюстрированное издание

    М.: Август, 2018

  • Gorgonin konj

    Prijevod s ruskog i bilješke Žarko Milenić

    In Croatian translation

    Brčko: Kniževny klub, 2012

  • Arkadentempel

    Übersetzt von Alexander Nitzberg

    In German translation

    Vienna: Klever Verlag, 2013

  • Esperit i fang

    Edició a cura Nuria Busquet & Ricard San Vicente

    In Catalan translation

    Barcelona: Institució de les Lletres Catalane, 2015

  • 阿梅林诗20首


    In Chinese translation

    上海: 21世纪民生现代美术博物馆, 2017

  • The Joyous Science

    Selected Poems

    Translated from the Russian by Derek Mong & Anne O. Fisher

    Buffalo, New York: White Pine Press, 2018

  • 1992 Mandelshtam Stipendium

  • 1998 Anti-Booker Prize (in poetry)

  • 1998, 2015 “Novyj Mir” magazine prize

  • 2004 Moscow Count / Moskovsky Schet for the best poetry collection of the year

  • 2004 Anthologia poetry prize

  • 2010 “Znamia” magazine prize

  • 2012 Bunin Prize

  • 2013 Solzhenitsyn Prize

  • 2014 Globus Prize

  • 2017 “The Poet” National Award

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