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Jaume Subirana 

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* 15.03.1963, Barcelona, Spain
lives in: , Spain

Jaume Subirana is a poet, translator, lecturer in literature and cultural manager.

He has published poetry (Una pedra que sura is the latest volume, 2011) and prose, and has edited various works on Catalan literature and the city of Barcelona. He has translated novels, poetry (Heaney, Kooser, Snyder, Stevenson) and song lyrics from English.

Subirana was a member of the board of PEN Català and founded and directed the website Lletra at the Open University of Catalonia.

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From 2004 to 2006 he was Director of the Institute of Catalan Literature. From 2004 to 2006 he was Director of Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (the agency for the promotion of Catalan literature).

As an editor, he produced Wilkommen in Katalonien (DTV, 2007) and New Catalan Fiction (The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Dalkey Archive, Spring 2008), two selections of contemporary Catalan narrative. He keeps a blog entitled Flux.

Subirana’s latest book has deserved critiques such as the following, by Pere Calonge: “Rapala uses a diversity of poetic forms to devise condense clean texts; poems of a great precision, brief but intense, like small bubbles which burst in the reader, thereby exuding a sensation, an image, an idea. And with the art of fishing as a metaphor which is fairly apparent, though present throughout his books of poems: on occasion, as a solid basis of the poetic exercise; at other times, just the starting point, the stimulus. A metaphor for heedful observation, for he who can see beyond the surface; a metaphor for perseverance, for patience that fishing for the right word also calls for”.

  • Pel viure extrem

    [‘For the extreme living’]

    Barcelona: Proa, 1985

  • Final de festa

    [‘The end of the party’]

    Barcelona: Proa, 1989

  • No som perfectes

    [We’re not perfect’]

    Barcelona: Proa, 1992

  • El rastre de l'animal més lliure

    [The trail of the most free animal’]

    Barcelona: Proa, 1994

  • Per a què serveix un escriptor?

    [‘What’s a writer for?’]

    Barcelona: Proa, 1998

  • Suomenlinna

    Barcelona: Proa, 2000

  • En altres coses

    [‘In other things’]

    Barcelona: Ed. 62 - Empúries, 2002

  • Adrada

    Barcelona: Ed. 62, 2005

  • Rapala

    Barcelona: Ed. 62, 2007

  • Una pedra sura

    [a stone flotes]

    Barcelona: Ed.62 - Empúries, 2011

  • Cafarnaüm

    Alzira: Bromera, 2017

  • 2011 Gabriel Ferrater Prize

  • 2017 Mancomunitat Ribera Alta Prize

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