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Jacques Darras 

* 11.12.1939, Bernay-en-Ponthieu, France
lives in: Orry-la-Ville, France

Jacques Darras (born 1939 Ponthieu-Marquenterre, France) is a poet, essayist and translator, and taught up until 2004 English and American Literature at the University of Picardie.

His long poem, Tout Reprende à 1914, which fills up an entire book and was published in March, attempts to make the lessons that the outbreak of the first world war taught us understandable, in order to think Europe anew. In it, he critically confronts the attitudes of poets like Apollinaire, Péguy and Stadler, and their pacifistic convictions. The book is also a journey to Bois de la Gruerie, where Jacques Darras’ grandfather died in the First World War.

The intensive examination of landscapes, in particular that of Northern France, is central for his work. In 1988 Darras began an epic long poem about the banks of the Maye, a river in the French Départment Manche. Since the publication of the first volume La Maye I, seven further volumes have appeared with ‘Le Cri’ and ‘Galimard’ publishing houses. For Darras’ poetic texts, the sound of language, rhythm and melody play a central role.

Additionally, Darras has also distinguished himself with his translations of Whitman, Coleridge, Blake, Lowry, Shakespeare and Pound. Darras has received, among other awards, the ‘Prix Apollinaire’ (2004) and the ‘Grand Prix de Poésie de’l Académie française’ (2006) for his work.

In 1989 he became the first Frenchman to be invited, to hold a ‘Lord Reith Lecture’, on the bicentennial of the French Revolution, which was screened by the BBC.

  • Sommières

    Paris: Pierre Jean Oswald, 1973

  • Grèves

    Paris: Pierre Jean Oswald, 1975

  • La Maye

    Poème en 8 chants. La Maye I

    Amiens: 1988

  • Le Petit Affluent de la Maye

    Poème en 4 épisodes souligné de dix gouaches. La Maye II.

    Bruxelles: 1993

  • William Shakespeare sur la falaise de Douvres


    Bruxelles : 1995

  • Van Eyck et les rivières, dont la Maye

    Poème roman. La Maye IV.

    Bruxelles: 1996

  • Petite Somme sonnante

    Soixante et Onze sonnets

    Paris: 1998

  • Gracchus Babeuf et Jean Calvin font rentrer la poésie avec l’Histoire dans la ville de Noyon.

    Bruxelles: 1999

  • L’embouchure de la Maye dans les vagues de la Manche

    La Maye III

    Bruxelles: 1999

  • Andrea Doria à Gênes avec un chat

    Paris: 2000

  • Moi j’aime la Belgique

    Poème parlé chanté. Fragment de La Maye VII.


  • Vous n’avez pas le vertige ?

    Poèmes en altitude avec une rivière et des chamois. La Maye V


  • Tout à coup je ne suis plus seul !

    Roman chanté compté. La Maye VI


  • La Maye réfléchit

    La Maye VII


  • 2004 Prix Apollinaire

  • 2006 Grand Prix de Poésie de'l Académie française