Inger-Mari Aikio 




Inger-Mari Aikio 

photo © Jaime Mejía
* 14.01.1961, Utsjoki (North Sami: Ohcejohka), Finland
lives in: Pulmankijärvi (Buolbmatjávri), Finland

Inger-Mari "Ima" Aikio (* 14 January 1961 in Utsjoki, North Sami Ohcejohka) is a Finnish author of Sami language. Inger-Mari Aikio grew up in the region of Lake Pulmankijärvi and studied languages at the University of Oulu. In 1992 she completed a translation course for North Sami and Finnish. For twenty years she worked as a radio journalist for YLE-Sámi Radios. Today Aikio works only as a writer and translator. She is one of the most productive Sami poets of our time. She has published seven volumes of Sami poetry and children's books. Her poems have been translated into English, German, Finnish, Swedish and Hungarian. Her poetry collection Mailmmis dása (2001) was nominated for the Nordic Council's Literature Prize in 2004.

 photo © Jaime Mejía
Aikio`s poetry addresses a new relationship both to the Sami and to the role of women. Her texts therefore turn more to the private and individual and reflect the sexuality of the woman as well as the love relationship between man and woman. In her poems she also deals with the culturally foreign and the role as mother, wife and daughter-in-law based on personal experiences.

  • Gollebiekkat almmi dievva

    Vaasa oy: DAT, 1989

  • Jiehki vuolde ruonas giđđa

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 1993

  • Silkeguobbara lákca

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 1995

  • Máilmmis dása

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2001

  • Riebana bihpporgáhkut

    [children’s book/Jugendbuch]

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2006

  • Suonat

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2008

  • Lebensrad


    Fotografien von Josef Timar.

    Wien: Timar, 2009

  • Cáhcerávgga gazza


    Illustrationen Seija Harlin

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2011

  • Erbmütter - Welttöchter

    Samische Gedichte, zusammen mit Rauni Magga Lukkari

    Übersetzung von Christine Schlosser; Herausgegeben von Johanna Domokos

    Chemnitz: Eichenspinner Verlag, 2014

  • Beaivváš čuohká gaba – Aurinko juo kermaa

    [book + audio CD]

    together with Miro Mantere (music)

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2014

  • Tropihka rievssat

    [children’s book/Jugendbuch]


  • Roađđi – Rosa Boreal – Boreal Rose

    A trilingual poetry collection in Sami, English and Spanish

    together with Niillas Holmberg

    Helsinki: Sivuvalo project, 2016

  • Die Sonne leckt Sahne


    Aus dem Nordsamischen von Gruppe Bie

    Bielefeld: hochroth, 2016

  • 69 čuoldda – 69 pylvästä

    Suomennos: Inger-Mari Aikio ja Helena Sinervo. Illustrasjoner: Sunná Valkeapää

    Guovdageaidnu, Norway: DAT, 2018

  • Sahne für die Sonne/Cream for the Sun

    Tranlations into English and German by Anna Lenz, Georgina Willms and Gruppe Bie

    Berlin/Tübingen: Verlag Hans Schiler, 2018