Hadžem Hajdarević 




Pastrmka, večer bosnian

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to poem

Zrelije doba bosnian

Osa našeg glasa bosnian

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to poem

Oktobar bosnian

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to poem

Gotfried Benn u Sarajevskoj kafani 1994. bosnian

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to poem

Proticanje vremena, prema Montaleu bosnian

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to poem

Utvarice bosnian

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to poem

Zašto nisam slikar bosnian

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to poem

Stare fotografije bosnian

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to poem

Zima pjesnikova bosnian

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to poem

Slikareva ratna ljubav bosnian

Hadžem Hajdarević 

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* 18.07.1956, Kruševo near Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina
04.12.2023, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hadžem Hajdarević was born on July 18th 1956 in Kruševo near Foča. The poet, fiction writer, publicist and editor has been educated in Sarajevo (Gazi-Husrefbeg’s religious high school and Faculty of Philosophy, Department of literature and south Slavic languages), where he also lives and works at the Language Institute as professional associate.

He is a member of Association of Writers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, P.E.N. Center of BiH, member of the Executive Board of Cultural Community of Bosniaks “Preporod”, and the member of Congress Council of Bosniak intellectuals.

 photo © gezett.de
Along his regular activities in Association of Writers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the year of 2001 Hadžem Hajdarević became the President of the Organizatoinal Committee of the International Literary Manifestation «Sarajevo Poetry Days».

His poetry has been translated into German, English, Polish, and Turkish language. He is listed in all recent antologies of Bosniak poetry as well as poetry antologies of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Awards: Trebinje Poetry Evenings; Publishing House - Svjetlost- in the year of 1982 for the book «Seobe Obala» («Migration of Coasts»); Skender Kulenović award for «Pjesme ponornice» (Poems of underground river), and Planjax award for his most recent book of poetry «Na sonetnim otocima» («On sonnet islands») in 2004.

Hadžem Hajdarević the author of numorous editions of Gymnasium and other secondary schools' readers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has also edited a great number of volumes dedicated to domestic and foreign authors (monograph study on Behar by PhD professor Muhsin Rizvić / Publishing House Svjetlost, 1999; and literary works of Abdulah Sidran in five volumes / «Bosnia-Ars» - Tuzla, 2004).

  • Seobe Obala

    (Migration of Coasts)


    Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 1981

  • Četvera ušća

    (Four deltas)

    Selection from four books of poetry

    Sarajevo-Ljubljana: Ljiljan, 1984

  • Koje Nuhove lađe

    (Which ships of Noah)


    Sarajevo: Veselin Masleša, 1987

  • Žive Vode

    (Live Waters)


    Sarajevo: Veselin Masleša, 1990

  • Bajramske cipele

    (Bajram shoes)

    Book for Children

    Sarajevo: Sejtarija, 1992

  • Pjesme ponornice


    Sarajevo: International Center for Peace, P.E.N. BiH, «Oko» and other associated publishers, 1994

  • Peto ušće

    (Fifth delta)


    Sarajevo: Bosnian book, 1997

  • Nausikajina kći

    (Daughter of Nausikaja)

    Selection of love poetry

    Novi Pazar: Damad, 1999

  • Priče sa Dobrinje

    (Stories from Dobrinja)

    Fiction: anecdote stories

    Sarajevo: Bemust, 1999

  • Sutrašnje putovanje brodom

    (Tomorrow's ship trip)


    Sarajevo : Liljan / Bemust, 2000

  • Klinika za plastičnu hirurgiju

    (Plastic suregery clinic)


    Sarajevo: Lijljan, 2000

  • Ušća


    Selected poetry in the «Hundered books of Bosniak literature», VI vol. together with Semezdin Mehmedinović Cultural Community of Bosniaks “Preporod”

    Sarajevo: 2004

  • Na Sonetnim Otocima

    (On sonnet islands)


    Zenica: Vrijeme, 2004

  • Založba Goga.

    [Slovene translation of Klinika za plastičnu hirurgiju]

    Novo Mesto: 2004

  • Kišno društvo


    Sarajevo: Tugra, 2006

  • Land, das es nicht gibt


    Aus dem Bosnischen von Astrid Philippsen, Cornelia Marks und André Schinkel

    Leipzig: Leipziger Literaturverlag, 2010

  • 1982 Nagrada Svjetlosti

  • 1982 Nagrada Trebinjskih večeri poezije

  • 1996 Nagrada Skender Kulenović

  • 2004 Nagrada Planjax