Ana Brnardić 




Ana Brnardić 

photo © Nikola Kuprešanin
* 18.07.1980, Zagreb, Croatia
lives in: Zagreb, Croatia

Ana Brnardić was born in Zagreb in 1980. She holds a M.A. in Comparative Literature and Croatian Language and Literature (University of Zagreb) and a M.A. in Music (violin; Music Academy in Zagreb). She has published four volumes of poetry - Pisaljka nekog mudraca (1998), Valcer zmija (2005), Postanak ptica (2009) and Uzbrdo (2015) -  which received several prestigious Croatian awards for poetry.

 photo © Nikola Kuprešanin
Her poems were translated into English, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Spanish, Romanian, Swedish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Hungarian etc. Selected poemes, translated into Romanian by Dumitru M. Ion, were published under the title "Hotel cu muzicieni" in Bucharest, Romania, in 2009. The book "Postanak ptica" was translated into Swedish by Djordje Zarkovic and published by Rámus förlag (Sweden, 2016). 

Ana Brnardić translates modern and contemporary poetry and prose from Romanian into Croatian language and takes part in the EU project Versopolis
She lives in Zagreb.

  • Pisaljka nekog mudraca

    knjiga pjesama

    Zagreb: SKUD "Ivan Goran Kovačić", 1998

  • Valcer zmija

    Sisak: Matica Hrvatska, 2005

  • Hotel cu muzicieni

    [Selected pomes, translated into Romanian by Dumitru M. Ion]

    Bucharest, Romania: 2009

  • Postanak ptica

    Zagreb: h.d.p. [Hrvatsko društvo pisaca], 2009

  • Uzbrdo

    Zagreb: V.B.Z., 2015

  • Fåglarnas tillblivelse

    ["Postanak ptica", translated into Swedish Djordje Zarkovic]

    Malmö, Sweden: Rámus förlag, 2016

  • Vuk i breza

    knjiga pjesama

    Hena com, 2019

  • Goran Award for young poets

  • Slavić Award for poetry debut

  • Thy City of Sisak Award

  • Kvirin Award for young poets