Carles Duarte


Robert Archer



L’albada és de cristall
i una Lluna de marbre
s’allunya pel ponent.
Dins els teus ulls
viu un silenci dens,
un fred precís
que ens pren la mà
i ens duu molt lentament
fins al llindar,
sense passat,
sense futur,
on tot és fet d’abisme.
T’abraço fort,
vençuts per aquesta set,
per aquest dolor
que es torna inextingible.
Aprenc a abandonar-me.
La mar i jo
ja som només
la llàgrima.

Aus: El centre del temps
Edicions 62, 2003
Audioproduktion: Institut Ramon Llull

The Abyss

A dawn of crystal cuts the sky,
and the marbled moon
turns Eastwards away.
In your eyes thick silence
has come to dwell,
a chill concision
that reaches for our hands
and, step by silent step,
conducts us to the edge.
Everything there was
or might have been
has come to the abyss.
I hold you fast,
you cling to me;
we thirst here with the same thirst,
and the same pain beyond all cure
slowly fills us both.
I have learnt not to resist.
The sea and I
have now become
a single tear.

Translated by Robert Archer