Biliana Kourtasheva 

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bulgarisch | Georgi Gospodinov

Тя затваря вестника и казва:
чете ли, в Айова
паднал град - парчета
като топките за голф.
Така е, казвам аз, защото
там прекаляват с голфа,
изгубили са много топки
и те сега се връщат,
Той им връща топките,
нали разбираш, Оня шегаджия.
Но тя не се засмива,
извръща се и казва ужасена:

Той винаги улучва.

© Georgi Gospodinov
Audio production: 2007 Literaturwerkstatt Berlin



She folds the paper and says:
did you read about the hail storm in Iowa:
pieces were as big as golf balls.
Well, he says, that is because
they play too much golf over there
and they have lost too many balls,
now all of them are coming back.
He’s sending back all their balls –
do you follow – He, the Joker.
But she doesn’t laugh at all,
she turns away and says in terror:

He never misses.

Translated by Biliana Kourtasheva & Kalina Filipova