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Jazra Khaleed 

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* 21.05.1979, Russische Föderation
lebt in: Athens, Griechenland

Jazra Khaleed (pen name) is a poet, filmmaker, performer and translator. He lives in Athens and writes exclusively in Greek. His works are an indictment of fascism, social injustice, police brutality, and racism in contemporary Greece.

His most recent publications are Requiem für Homs (parasitenpresse, Germany, 2022), Requiem pour Homs et autres poèmes (Marges en Pages, France, 2022), The Light That Burns Us (World Poetry Books, USA, 2021) and μα είν' αυτό ποίηση; (Teflon Books, Greece, 2020). His poems have been widely translated for publications in Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia, and have appeared in The Guardian, The Los Angeles Review of Books, World Literature Today, Lichtungen, Modern Poetry in Translation, Glänta, Die Horen and other publications.

According to The Los Angeles Review of Books, “[Jazra Khaleed] stands up to fascism by writing and performing Greek-language poetry that is unmatched in technical bravura, emotional depth, and political urgency". His performances have been described as “possessing the kind of energy that pervades the riots on the streets of Athens” (Süddeutsche Zeitung), “explosive” (Berliner Zeitung) and “wild, energetic and forceful” (junge Welt).

He has won the Soundout! Award for New Ways of Presenting Literature (Germany) and the Crystal Vilenica Prize (Slovenia) and has been awarded residences and fellowships from the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the Kone Foundation (Finland), the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), the International Writer’s House Graz (Austria), the Syros International Film Festival (Greece) and Centrale Fies (Italy).

As a founding editor of the Athens-based poetry magazine Teflon, and particularly through his own translations published there, he has introduced to a Greek readership the works of Amiri Baraka, Keston Sutherland, Etel Adnan, Bert Papenfuß, Safia Elhillo, Ann Cotten, Lionel Fogarty, Audre Lorde, Ghayath Almadhoun among many other American, British, Australian, Arab and German-language political and experimental poets.

His short films have been screened at festivals such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), Experiments in Cinema (USA), Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (Switzerland), Kasseler Dokfest (Germany), Biennial de la Imagen en Movimiento (Argentina), Entrevues Belfort (France), L’Alternativa (Spain), Cooler Lumpur Festival (Malaysia) among others. The film rendition of his poem about the immigrant situation, “The Aegean or the Anus of Death,” won prizes at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema, the Zebra Poetry Film Festival, and the Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival.

  • Bin ohne Menschen

    Berlin/Germany: Hochroth Verlag/ Poesiefestival Berlin, 2010

  • Jazra Grosny

    Berlin/Germany: Verlag Distillery, 2013

  • VERSENSPORN - Jazra Khaleed

    Heft für lyrische Reize

    Nr. 21

    Jena/Germany: Poesie schmeckt gut e.V., 2015

  • Γκρόζνι (Grozny)

    Athens/Greece: Ipokimeno, 2016

  • The Poetry of Jazra Khaleed

    Tarakeshwar/India: Aami aar Leena Hente Cholech, 2018

  • Ρέκβιεμ για τη Χομς (Requiem for Homs)

    Athens/Greece: Amilichos, 2019

  • μα είν' αυτό ποίηση; (but is this poetry?)

    Athens/Greece: Teflon Books, 2020

  • The Light That Burns Us

    Storrs/USA: World Poetry Books, 2021

  • Requiem pour Homs et autres poèmes

    Paris/France: Marges en Pages, 2022:

  • Requiem für Homs

    Cologne/Germany: parasitenpresse, 2022

  • 2014 SOUNDOUT! Award for New Ways of Presenting Literature, Berlin

  • 2014 Best Film for Tolerance Award for the short film “The Aegean or the Anus of Death”, Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin

  • 2014 International Competition Award for the short film “The Aegean or the Anus of Death”, Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema, Paris

  • 2014 Jury Special Mention for the short film “The Aegean or the Anus of Death”, Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, Sarajevo

  • 2021 Crystal Vilenica Award, Vilenica International Literary Festival, Slovenia