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Paul Bogaert 

Foto © Tineke de Lange
* 03.05.1968, Brussels, بلجيكا
يعيش في: Leuven, بلجيكا

Paul Bogaert’s debut collection of poems, WELCOME HYGIENE, was published in 1996. It features verses full of bizarre logic and a carefully measured mixture of styles and linguistic registers. His restless first person narrator is plagued with over-awareness; the way he analyses himself and others creates an alienating effect.

The same rousing mental and physical sensations surface in his second volume Circulaire systemen (Circular systems, 2002). In this collection Bogaert examines his fascination for all things that rotate. A closed, circular system generates security, but also discomfort. In an aloof, pseudo-scientific tone he creates poetic language machines, in which the ordinary is contrasted with the systematic.

 Foto © Tineke de Lange
In 2006, his third collection of poems, AUB (PLEASE), was published. In 2008 Paul Bogaert wrote the National Poetry Day essay Verwondingen (Injuries), in which he tries to explain the secrets of poetry by analysing the Serbian contribution (2007) to the Eurovision Song Contest.

de Slalom soft (the Slalom soft, 2009) is a long, sparkling, narrative poem, featuring a lifeguard in a subtropical swimming paradise, personal coaches, drowned bodies and office workers.

In just a few years and with only four collections of poems, Bogaert has proved himself one of the most striking voices among young Flemish poets.” (Tom Van de Voorde)



    Antwerpen: Manteau, 1996

  • Circulaire systemen


    Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 2002

  • AUB


    Antwerpen: Meulenhoff|Manteau, 2006

  • Verwondingen. Over poëzie


    [Injuries. On poetry]

    Gent: Poëziecentrum, 2008

  • de Slalom soft


    Antwerpen: Meulenhoff|Manteau, 2009

  • Der Soft-Slalom


    übersetzt von Christian Filips

    Berlin: Roughbooks, 2013

  • Ons verlangen


    Antwerpen: De Bezige Bij, 2013

  • 1997 Literature Prize Poetry Province Flemish Brabant

  • 2010 Herman de Coninck Prize for best collection

  • 2011 Culture Prize Poetry Flanders

  • 2014 Herman de Coninckprijs for best collection

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