Miloš Crnjanski  (Милош Црњански)




Miloš Crnjanski  Милош Црњански

* 26.09.1893, Csongrad, المجر
11.11.1977, Belgrade, صربيا

One of most distinguish Serbian poet Miloš Crnjanski [Милош Црњански] was born in September 26,1893. in Csongrad (today in Hungary). He studied history of art and philosophy in Wiena and, as a solider of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, was wounded in beetle on Galipole. After the World War One, he settled in Belgrade. During the interwar period, he was attaché of Serbian government for culture in Berlin, Rome, Lisboa and London. After the 1945 he stayed in London, as an émigré. For next two decades Miloš Crnjanski lived in London. He had accepted any available job, and jet, in this years wrote his most distinguish books. After 1965 he returned in fatherland, as on of most celebrated poet, novelist and essayist. He died in Belgrade in November 11, 1977.