Arseni Rovinski  (Арсений Ровинский)




* * * [За окончательной чумой] الروسية

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* * * [Крестьянка поёт о морозе, и вот настаёт зима.] الروسية

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* * * [у Гарри Поттера девушка узкоглазая] الروسية

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Arseni Rovinski  Арсений Ровинский

Foto © Dmitry Kuzmin
* 22.06.1968, Kharkiv, أوكرانيا
يعيش في: Copenhagen, الدانمرك

Arsenij Rovinski [Арсений Ровинский] was born in 1968 in Kharkiv, now Ukraine; since 1985 he lived in Moscow as a student of Moscow State Pedagogical University, department of history, then wa conscripted to the military service. In 1991 he left Russia and settled in Denmark. The friendship with a fellow immigrant Feodor Svarovsky (which later went back to Russia) lead to the beginning of the poetry group then joined by Israeli poet Leonid Schwab; all the three pretended to create so called ‘new epics’, i.e. rather short narrative poems with somehow bizarre, fictitious protagonists which were intended to represent together a compound picture of present-day world.

 Foto © Dmitry Kuzmin
Rovinsky’s poetry was first published in 1997 in Moscow, next year he obtained a special diploma at ‘Teneta’, the most voluminous Internet literary competition of the day. The first chapbook of his poetry appeared in 1999, the first full-length book was published on 2004, in Moscow again, and short-listed for Andrei Bely Prize, the most prestigious independent literary award of present-day Russia. Then a collective book of Rovinski, Svarovsky & Schwab and one more personal collection followed. Rovinski’s poetry is an in-depth study of the concepts of alienness and non-belonging.

  • Sobiratel’nye obrazy

    Moskau & Kolonna, Tver’: ARGO-RISK, 1999

  • Extra-dry

    Moskau: Novoye literaturnoye obozreniye, 2004

  • Vse srazu

    with F. Svarovsky & L. Schwab

    Moskau: Novoye izdatel’stvo, 2008

  • Zimnie Olimpiiskie igry

    Moskau: Ikar, 2009

  • Lovtsy zhemchuga

    Moskau: Knizhnoye obozreniye (ARGO-RISK), 2013

  • Nezabvennaya

    Izbrannye stikhotvoreniya, istorii i dramy

    Moskau: Novoye literaturnoye obozreniye, 2017

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