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Shtëpia e vjetër الألبانية

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Sonet الألبانية

Këngë dimërore الألبانية

DIMRI NË DIBËR الألبانية

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Hamleti (i Riu) الألبانية



*** [rrufe rashë] الألبانية


DY VETORE الألبانية

Agron Tufa 

Foto © Elvana Zaimi
* 01.04.1967, Tirana, ألبانيا
يعيش في: Dibra, ألبانيا

Agron Tufa (born in 1967 in Sohodoll, Dibra, Albania) is a poet and writer and one of the best-known members of the Albanian literary scene. He started his working life as a coal miner. In 1989 he won a nationwide literary contest with a poem cycle that was published in the newspaper Voice of Youth. Following the collapse of Communism in Albania he was a village schoolteacher for a year until being accepted as a student by the Philology Faculty at the University of Tirana in 1991 on the recommendation of the Albanian Association of Writers and Artists. While there he founded with other young poets the group E për7shme. He was also editor-in-chief of Voice of Youth from 1992 to 1994. After graduating he studied literature and then translation at Gorki Institute in Moscow, Russia.

 Foto © Elvana Zaimi
As well as his writing and academic work, Agron Tufa is also a relentless translator, mainly of Russian poets, prose authors, philosophers and philologists. He has received many prizes and awards for his work at home and abroad, including in 2009 the Great National Prize for Literature of the Republic of Albania, his country’s most important award for literature. He is actually executive director of the Institute for Studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences in Tirana, and also professor of XX Century Literature at the University of Tirana.

  • Aty te portat Skee

    Onufri: 1996

  • Rrethinat e Atlantidës”

    Aleph, 2002

  • Avangardë engjëjsh

    Ideart, 2005

  • Fryma mbi ujëra

    Fjala, 2007

  • Tenxherja

    Tirana: Toena, 2009

  • Gjurma në rrjedhë

    Tetova: Ditët e Naimit, 2010

  • Kuja e Mnemozinës

    Tirana : 2011

  • Mistika e origjinalit. Studim mbi artin e përkthimit

    Tirana : 2011

  • 2004 Oeneum Prize of the Ditët e Naimit International Poetry Festival in Tetova

  • 2004 First Prize at the XX NOSSIDE Poetry Festival of the Reggio Calabria

  • 2005 National Silver Feather Prize of the Republic of Albania for the novel Fabula Rasa

  • 2006 Serembe Prize for the best translation

  • 2010 Great National Prize for Literature of the Republic of Albania